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Lost Promo Pics – 4.2 “Confirmed Dead”

By docarzt,

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Lyly Ford has struck again!  Here are three more promo pics from Season 4, which I can confirm are from Lost episode 4.2 “Confirmed Dead.”  (LOST Spoiler warning!)

  • Desmundo

    What interesting expressions Juliet and Sayid have on their faces. considering that they’re aiming their guns at something, presumably someone. I don’t get it. Do you think these are from the actual scenes, or are they taken on-set during rehearsals and such? I just want to know if I should be trying to read the story from the expressions of the actors. BTW, thanks Lyly and of course, Doc!

  • Desmundo

    P.S. I know it’s been said before. But Juliet and Sayid are look pretty cool together. Hot.

  • Joey D.

    I read somewhere that Sayid is going to have an “surprising” new love interest. I’m thinking that it is going to be Juliet.