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Lost promotionals Photos episode 5×14

By lyly ford,

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Hi Guys, doc is a little tired tonight so i do his job and add the new promo pics for episode 5×14 : the variable
Daniel Faraday return 🙂

[nggallery id=51]

  • dolce

    On other news, Seanie b’s youtube account has been suspended!

    • docarzt

      Raise the draw bridge and ready the troll repellers.

      • dolce

        Yeah, it’s probably going to get rough. Worth it though.

  • Matthew Perry

    Spoiler alert: Juliet is still hot in 5.14

    • chad

      This is the hottest she’s ever been….

      • Landry B.

        I agree…hot hot hot…she’s my girl crush of the century! I’d love to be lost on the island with Sawyer and Juliet…we’d make a great team…

  • Cecil

    After seeing these pics and how overwhelmingly happy Juliet seems to still be, it pains me to admit she’s probably gonna be the next to go.

    • Seabiscuit

      Yay, Danny’s back! And Kate’s going for the Danielle Rousseau look again, I see.

      • Seabiscuit

        Hmm, that wasn’t supposed to be in reply to Cecil’s comment. Oh, well.

    • sadinie

      My thoughts exactly. 🙁

  • Andy

    DAMN, Juliet is hot.

    Okay, that wasn’t the most insightful response, I admit.

    Anyway, now that Seanie B. is taken care of, I wonder how long it’ll be before Doc manages to get to give him back his bylines.

    • chad

      Fully Agreed on Juilet’s Hottness!!! Wow!

  • Juliet looks awesome

  • richie

    awesome pics, nice new format too 🙂 the return of dan, with a bit of what we all want, with some black clad dharma bad guys thrown in!!!!!! omg 🙂

  • ghanima

    She’s gone from smirk to smile- the many sides of Juliet. Come on, focus, Daniel is back! And he seems to be the only one who kept his beard, god bless him! (Seriously, they should never have let Frank or the con-artist-formerly-known-as-Sawyer shave) Hit me with some time travel insanity talk, please- anything to keep the story away from the passionless love rhombus!
    He goes into a shack and switches into…the black Dharma suit! Dum dum DUM. Anything is possible now! Someone needs to write captions for these. Like a little preview comic.

    • Lindsay

      I’m glad to see I’m not the only one in the bearded camp 😉

    • Seabiscuit

      Lapidus had a beard? I was always too distracted by his gorgeous eyes to notice. 😉

      Sawyer looks good with or without the scruff, it’s his personality that needs to be restored.

      • ghanima

        You joke- season 4 Lapidus was mostly beard! It was fantastic- he kind of looked like he had wandered out of a Grateful Dead concert and ended up in a cockpit.

        You are right, Sawyer always looks good- although I wasn’t wild about the Prison Polyanna look they had him sporting in season 3- and, right again, maybe I wouldn’t mind the lack of stubble so much if he acted more like Sawyer and less like La Fleur.

  • Silvertouch

    This has to be the happiest episode I’ve ever seen. These look like the raw stills used to make a romcom movie poster.

  • boonesghost

    How about the look on Faraday’s face while he’s pushing the Jeep?

  • Jayman

    It looks like Faraday’s name is “Jon” as stitched on his Dharma suit. Interesting..he has also changed his name. And I wonder why he switched to what looks to be a motor pool suit?

    • bps

      Its Joe not Jon….and it definitely says “Construction” under his name. As in Orchid construction?

    • bps

      Ah…I see. Two different suits.

    • Josh

      Why would he have to change his name to Joe?

  • Yay! Faraday!

    • ashcards

      That’s all i can say too. I’m so excited. When do we get to see the return of Rose, Bernard and Vincent???

  • Timm

    Ooo, interesting. I reckon the black dharma-suits are for Radzinksky and his team who will be working at the Swan, kinda like a black-ops division…but nerdier.

    So glad to have Faraday back, I miss his twitchy awkwardness! :oD

    • ashcards

      I know that they are just pictures but he doesnt seem very twitchy. Maybe something happened to him while he was “gone”. But he’s probably still twitchy. lol