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LOST Report at TCA panel

By lyly ford,

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I added some HQ photos of the events and videos will come later in the next fews days the interviews were made mostly by group (i know via twitter)

Josh&Evi, Emerson&Terry, Emilie&Daniel and Jorge (seem Naveen was supposed to come but he didn’t)

You can read a report at Kristin Eonline including some spoilers at the end (what characters’s return we can expect, because darlton don’t want to give more away) but here I’ll just post tibits of the panel

Favorite moments?

  • Emilie de Ravin: “Moments when the original cast is all together hanging out. It has a special feel to it.”
  • Daniel Dae Kim: “The launching of the raft was a special time for me…coming together to see off that first season was memorable.”
  • Josh Holloway: “I have so many, but I like group scenes. They take two, three days to film, because you have to cover everyone, but if you position yourself right, you can just cut up and have fun.”
  • Evangeline Lilly: “Sangria Thursday…it’s a season-six tradition. For me the most memorable moment was in the first season, the episode where Claire gave birth and Boone died. To me, it culminated everything we were talking about on the show…I don’t often cry watching my own show, but I watched that episode and I cried, and I remember thinking this is something I’m proud to be a part of.”
  • Damon Lindelof: He mentions new-season pitches to the executives over the summer, and having to face telling the president of ABC, “What’s in the hatch?” One year they asked each other before going in, “Is there any other way to say time travel?”
  • Carlton Cuse: Carlton likes the raft launch, too. “The orchestra that does the music applauded first time they heard/played the music [over that footage].”
  • Terry O’Quinn: “There’s no special moment…but sitting under the banyan tree and listening to Naveen Andrews playing the guitar and singing songs…pretty sweet.”
  • Michael Emerson: “I have lots of memories of breathless confrontations in small rooms. And when Sawyer and Ben were standing on a cliff [in Hawaii], trading quotes from Steinbeck, and I had a rabbit in a backpack, I thought, We should just stand here and experience this.”
  • Jorge Garcia: “For me, running away from an exploding plane wing is always going to be a memory. And when the comet hits Mr. Cluck’s, and I’m lying there, and they’re throwing raw chicken parts at me.”


How are they all feeling about the end of the show? Evie says, “I am going to cry like a baby when this show ends…It’s been so intense that for it to come to an end is going to be life-changing. Jorge: “It’s very precious.” Josh: “There’s a lot of magic, like the first season was an incredibly magically year…This last year has really had that sense of camaraderie.” Emilie: “It feels more like the first season than the in-betweens.” Damon Lindelof: “I can’t believe they’re actually going to let us get away with this.”

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  • julie

    Do we know why Matthew Fox wasn’t at this event? Just curious.

    • they said he was filming when you check the link with more details of the panel

  • Is it just me, or have we ever seen a television show cast as happy to work with each other as this group is?

  • Major FX

    They all look like they’re family and enjoy each other’s company.

  • dan

    re: the family effect

    it has to be because they’re isolated from existence filming the show. i’m sure there are many times where they really feel like they are lost. the dedication to on location shooting has really given this show an extra layer of goodness.

  • Ben’s rabbit in his backpack, classic! The cast seems to have a lot of fun filming this series but wish it would continue to season 15 or so… 😉

    • Handsome Smitty

      Hi Marc!

      • Faker!!!

        BS!!! I am the real (really really) Handsome Smitty!

  • Kid Rock

    I love LOST but off island Sawyer looks too much like me without my hat and wife beater.

  • Thx for sharing this info. Greetz from me (indonesia)!