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Lost – Season 4 Episode 2 Promo Pics (SPOILERS!)

By docarzt,

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Thanks to Lyl Ford we now have a TRUCKLOAD of high resolution promo pics from the second episode of Lost Season 4.  Read on and be wary of Lost spoilers.

The pics could be considered telling in some regards,  certainly folks who have followed the spoilers will be able to put together quite a bit from the pictures as far as the time line is concerned, and we are getting a great look at the boaties in action.

As someone who has seen the episode, though, I’d love to hear your theories as to what is going on in the images.  So let it roll!

  • Brian Holmes

    It’s upsetting that you haven’t told us anything about these episodes, Doc. I don’t expect, nor do I want, any spoilers, but I think everyone would love to hear what you thought of each episode, or how you would rank them. Could you do that for us?

  • Brian Holmes

    Oh, and the boaties look great. It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on though.

  • DocArzt

    Shout it to the mountains Brian: I start a three part series on Lost Season 4 next week. One piece a week leading up to the premiere.

  • Brian Holmes

    Yes, sir!


    I think that’ll do.

  • John Hume

    Doc, how were you able to watch the early episodes? Its probably already been said but I haven’t seen it. It looks like Ken Leung’s character is less threatening in these shots. Jeremy Davies is already shown doing one of his “Ok, ok, ok let me explain this to you simpletons but I am partially wacko anyway” hand-beside-head shake, as seen in the film Solaris. I have an idea that his antics will begin to annoy us and by the end of the season and he will eventually be hated as Ana Lucia was before Michael capped her. I hope you guys know what I mean about Davies, he has always bothered me. He plays virtually the same character time after time. I don’t know who the bloody older guy is. Help?

  • DocArzt

    Hume. The how is a non subject. The characters, I will say they are nothing like what 99.9% of the people figured them to be, so far. I haven’t seen a lot of Davies, but I found his character on Lost to be highly interesting, I’d have to say that he is one of my favorite boaties, with my favorite being the bloody older guy, Frank played by Jeff Fahey. More when part one of my season 4 preview hits Monday at UGO.

  • ackermaniv

    i don’t know if you know this or not, but what is the status of lance reddick’s character? i thought that he was supposed to be recurring/become a regular, but from the spoilers i’ve read, he’s only in hurley’s flashforward… can you shed any light on him, or no?

  • daisy

    Could the be-bearded one be Jacob ?

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