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Lost Season 4 Spoiler – Episode 4 Title?

By docarzt,

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The title and centricity of Lost Season 4, episode 4 has been revealed.  It has sort of a curious name.  Spoiler after the jump.

The episode is Kate Centric, which was pretty well known, but the title is “Eggland.”  A land of delicate situations, maybe?  Was Kate on a chicken farm?  Here’s a thought:  the Dharma Barracks are all kind of egg-yolk colored, is this a new name for the Barracks?  Eggland?  If so, I love it.

  • Dusk

    My guess is that it relates to intelligence somehow. As in “egghead”.

  • anonymous

    I think it’s called Eggland because I think Kate will find out she’s pregnant (I dont think I have to explain myself on that one!)

  • gusteaux

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  • gusteaux

    Nevermind…lol. Guess it does recognize me after all. Just wanted to say, WELCOME BACK!!! The new site looks great!

  • DocArzt

    Thank’s Gusteaux! It’s good to be back!

  • Homermoose

    Eggland is a slang term for London. This might add to the discussion.

  • czvbxmn

    I had never heard of this and was very sceptical. ,