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Lost Season 4 Spoilers – Meet Rebecca Mader

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425.mader.lost.020708.jpgKristin has a brand new interview up with Charlotte herself, Rebecca Mader.  Amongst other things, the actress reveals that she will be on Lost season four for quite some time:

“I’m in the next five, consecutively, through episode seven. And I’m still around after that, as far as I know!”

As for the question of whether or not Charlotte has super powers:

“I don’t know yet, but my mom Googled me the other day, and she said, “I think you might have powers.” And I’m like, really?! There’s rumors going around, but I truly don’t know yet.

For the rest of the interview visit E!Online.

  • Desmundo

    I like the idea of this character, but I’m not into her yet. Maybe it’s the actress, I’m just not a fan yet.

  • I think she’s great dude. I can’t imagine Kristin Bell playing her. I’m so glad she turned down the part.

  • Desmundo

    I agree that Rebecca is better than Kristin Bell would have been. I just didn’t get the same feeling about Charlotte as I did with Juliet for example. I knew I was going to be way into Juliet right away.

  • preztige

    thats what i thought also. How the hell could Kristen Bell play this character? Anyhoot. This character is hott. somethin about her stare. She is my new “kate”

  • preztige

    sorry that I posted this here(but I think it would get most attention since this is the newest thread) and sorry if this is a theory once debated already
    I was looking at Flashes before your eyes
    and when Desmond says “I know you, Your Charlie”
    and Charlie Says: Thats what it says on the sign
    the sign reads Charlie Hieronymus Pace

    Hieronymus means sacred name
    its translated into Jerome, and even Geronimo

    like Geronimo Jackson. I looked at the album cover of Geronimo Jackson and the blond guy to the right with the guitar kinda looks like Charlie. Could that be his father? grandfather? and thus giving him the name Hieronymus after the band or naming the band after his middle name.
    Could that be Charlie himself? the musician that programed the hydra station?

  • gusteaux

    LOL Preztige: I agree. SHE IS WAY HOT! She’s my new Penny. Also, the Geronimo Jackson discussion has broken out sevral times since Charlie and Hurley found the album in the Swan. I think it did come up again after FBYE too. But I don’t remember it comming up in connection with the programming of the jamming signal in the Looking Glass. Personally, from the moment that I first heard Bonnie tell Charlie that it was programmed by a musician, I thought it was Charlie who had programmed it in another timeline. I’m pretty sure I posted that on TTS the day after TTLG. (Not that I’m the only one who had that thought). For the time being, I’m sticking with that belief.

  • Tahami

    Timeline question: With reference to Christianna I, we know that the game Find 815 does indeed correspond to the Island. And we know that the freighter didn’t find the sunken airplane until after Christmas, because of the Captain’s comments to Sam. But Naomi parachuted onto the Island on Day 87, which is Friday, December 17, 2004. The timeline doesn’t mess? Thoughts?

  • morty

    i SERIOUSLY cannot stand this woman, she resembles all the stereo-typical aspects of being British… if theres a God they will ‘Paulo & Nikki’ her ass

    that posh accent is grinding on me badly, FYI I’m british and we don’t all ‘sit down with aunt margaret while having tea and crumpets’

  • Yeah, I like the character, but I kind of agree….American serials tend to stereotype the British by old standards. Seriously, if you guys could be over here amongst the chavs….


  • gusteaux

    Cerberus and morty:
    Dudes, that’s American for Mates, I think. Seriously…send us Penny and Charlotte. We’ll take good care of them and let them talk as much as they’d like. Guess I just dig beautiful, intelligent, chicks with Brit accents. Namaste.

  • gusteaux

    (That’s DHARMA for Cherrio, I think)

  • morty

    yeh Cerberus… amongst those loveley playfull chavs haha

  • clay

    Wait… so do all British men not sound like Ricky Gervais? I’m confused. Maybe it’s because my brain has been shrunken from prolonged exposure too “American” football and chicken wings. Wow. Just wow.

  • Mal

    I love this character, so it’s good news to me that she’s sticking around.