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Lost Season 5 Spoiler Update 10/3 – A Few Notes

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Lost Spoilers for Season 5
Lost Spoilers for Season 5

It appears that things may not be looking so up for Daniel Dae Kim’s character of Jin in Lost season 5. After recent spoilers from E!’s Kristin revealed that Jin is found by a rescue crew comprised of John Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Daniel, and Charlotte, some contrary information has bubbled up.

Apparently some folks in the know are claiming that the scene will reveal Jin’s fate, but they refuse to confirm that Jin survives. Personally, I find it unusual there would have been any wooden doors on the freighter. But who knows. Of course, knowing that Sun is going all double agent on the O6 would be that much more flammable for the audience knowing that her vengeance is not required, so personally I’m hoping for “He Lives!”

Exclusive! Is the Lost crew filming secret scenes not included in the generally available script? From one of my sources out west comes info that ANOTHER Lost fan favorite, a very surprising one, is revealed as being off-island in the Lost season 5 premiere. The implications are amazing, however — when I ran the intel by a trusted vetter of spoilers the info was debunked. Could it be that this is a Lost foiler? Who do you think this person is?

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