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LOST Season 5 Spoilers – Asterisks Hint #2 – Solved!

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Hey folks! I appreciate everybody’s patience. The site had to be moved to a new server unexpectedly and I didn’t want a lot of guesswork to amount to nothing so I decided to give the site the maximum amount of time to propagate before I started filling it back in again. Without further delay, here is a new Asterisks hint.

This time around the hint is an observation from the episode, along with a slight reveal. For those of you who have been writing wondering if I’ll get more revealing with these… no. If you want to get all of the details, they can be found quite easily. I don’t do instant gratification. If you’d prefer to be surprised, tantalized, and teased… you’re in the right place.

Congrats to JoeNobs and SpinFlip for solving.

Hurley tells his mother the truth about the island.  But does she believe him?