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LOST Season 5 Spoilers – Have a Nice Trip…

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2788354887_20e56032fe_o.jpg Ryan observed the shooting of a very interesting scene last night from the Lost season 5 premiere “Because You Left.”

The scene involved Sayid and Hurley approaching an apartment stealth style and having it out with the occupants resulting in Sayid throwing one guy from the fourth story balcony, and Hurley shooting up the remaining baddies.

The implications are huge:

– Hurley seems to be out of Santa Rosa and has joined Sayid on his Ben sanctioned murder spree.  So in sense of time-lines, it would appear this is perhaps a little further after Hoffs-Drawler than we originally thought.

– Hurley’s ‘warrior’ side is even more pronounced here, but is he killing out of self preservation or because he has a greater agenda, perhaps fueled by more of Ben’s manipulation.  Ben recruited Sayid by convincing him that the death of Nadia was the fault of Widmore’s people.  Did similar circumstances drive Hurley to join up with Sayid?

– Is this scene part of the timeline proper, or part of a flash-forward?

– Week one down, no reports of on-island filming.

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