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Lost Season Five News – Meet Ilana

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One of season 5’s (and possibly 6’s) recurring characters has been cast.  Michael Ausiello has revealed that Illana, the mysterious and dangerous Europeon will be played by New Amsterdam’s Zuleikha Robinson.  Here’s some of what Michael (and Doc Jensen) had to say:

“Robinson’s Lost deal calls for her to start off as a
recurring player with an option to become a series regular in season 6
(a.k.a. the farewell season).  

As I first reported last month,
Ilana is described as a European female who possesses great
intelligence, but who’s also dangerous as all get out. She’s alluring
and apparently used to getting her own way.

At the time, EW’s Doc Jensen mused that she Illana “sounds exactly
like the kind of lethal lady Sayid would fall for. So I’m wondering if
the dashing Iraqi is due for a new love interest, yet another lady
whose true motivations will be in question.”  – Source:  The Ausiello Files

  • HoboCode

    Awesome! Great actress and beautiful!

  • forgiventhewarlord

    All of their casting breakdowns just sound so similar (“dangerous”, “mysterious”) that I just can’t get excited over them. I need background on the character before I do a cartwheel.

  • piderhead

    Wow! Looks a bit like Kate. Kate have any sisters? Revealing pictures up on google images. 😮

  • MuscleBobBuffPants

    Some rumors and theories hint that this may be a young Danielle and we will see a nice episode arc involving her backstory….which would be a great gift to us who’ve been waiting years for her backstory. One flashback episode doesnt seem to do it justice.

  • Barry

    She is a terrible choice. She looks like that lamo American Idol winner Jordan Sparks. Boo!