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We’ll file this under spoilers, just in case, but here are a few things circulating about that may, or may not, be true and don’t seem to be getting any air anywhere else — along with a few things that are beginning to bubble up.

  • The premiere presents a logistical challenge for the cast and crew because for the first time the episode takes place in THREE separate time-lines.
  • There have been spurts of crew activity on the island, even though filming doesn’t begin until August 18th.
  • The cast is reportedly still “spread out.”  No signs, apparently, that there have been any gatherings for readings or anything of that nature.
  • So far there have been NO casting calls for the premiere, at least no public ones.  The most recent LOST related casting call was for Dan Bronson for the ARG.
  • According to Josh Holloway in the new TV Guide, Sawyer will – much to the delight of the ladies – be shirtless during the first few episodes of LOST season five.  

General Thoughts

Well, it seems that, by Holloway’s comments, we will see the island from the get-go, so that mystery is solved.  It appears that season five is going to stick to the concise nature of season 4 when it comes to not stalling ala season 2 and 3, and cover all the bases and a bit more.

The three time-lines sort of, for this episode at least, blows apart the notion that episodes will focus on one time-line with the other being the flashes.  Ala, this is an island episode with the flash sequences being off the island Oceanic 6.  The question is, would they have ALL episodes  jump back and forth between the O6 and the relocated island folk?

  • Sounds like Faraday is back with Pierre Chang, Sawyer is on the Island with Juliet, Locke and the Others and The 06 are getting together with Ben. Very interesting…..

  • Brewski

    I hope the season 5 opener gives us a question we wont find out until the finale, like the coffin thing last year. that’d be cool. I cant wait ! !

  • preztige

    I knew it ! We will start the episode on the island or in emergency room with Dr. Shepard who we will believe is in the present or future but is actually in the past! With the Dharma people. Dr. Christian Shepard!!!!

  • rob

    man, this sucks, 7 more months of waiting. when does heroes start?

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    You know, something just hit me….and feel free to call me an idiot if this has been discussed in the past, but with ‘preztige’s’ comments above, it made me think about Christian Shepard a little more. There was a scene with dialog that discussed how Christian would just pick up and leave for an extended amount of time (i.e. trips to australia, drinking binges, etc)….but what if he was actually going to the island and possibly was a part of Dharma? This has probably been discussed previously, so fire away at the guy who just had a brain fart…haha.

  • Uncle Beaver

    I think the idea that Christian Shephard could have been involved with Dharma has been around for some time. Christian’s involvement with Dharma may have led him to drink and may have even been key in his involvement with Carole Littleton. This may even be part of the reason Jacob has such an interest in Claire.
    As far as the first few episodes of season 2 go, those were some of my favorite eps ever (watching for the first time). I don’t know why everyone disliked season 2 so much. We were all fascinated by the Hatch, so much so, that a significant portion of SEASON 3’s DVD extras were dedicated to Hatch mythology and answers. And yes, season 3 started off as a snoozer, but only continued to get better and better until the end.
    There will never be another show as intriguing and complex as this one, so if season 5 starts out a little slow, get over it. You know we’re in for a great ride.

  • milo

    “7 more months of waiting. when does heroes start?” September 22…which is nine and a half months since the last episode.

    So I wonder if the three timelines means three different groups of people, or two groups plus either a flashback or flashforward of some of the people in either group? And technically speaking, they already did three separate timelines in the episode Ji Yeon, which had both flashbacks and flashforwards.

  • Uncle Beaver

    Maybe… One of the timelines (Island present- early 2005) will be the main starting point for the overall narrative and we will see flash forwards (of the O6- 2008-09) in scenes that have some reference to what is going on in “Island Time”. Maybe it’s Ben & Jack trying to recruit the rest of the O6 to get back to the island, while in “Island time” Locke is trying to recruit Juliette & Sawyer while at the same time unravelling some Dharma Island secrets that Faraday and Chang have left clues for. Clues for inhabitants of the future to find. And these flashbacks to 1970’s Dharma have some bearing on the story being told ON ISLAND.
    I hope the writers and creators do it in a way that we DON’T KNOW what is going on at fist, or even for a few episodes. I love a show that makes me think, wonder, guess and theorize. We all love this show because it is so intelligent.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    Uncle Beaver, how about this? – What if Christian was in Ben’s position at one time, moved the island, and then couldn’t go back. Hence the trips to Australia, possibly hoping to crash back on the island, hence his affair with Claire’s mom in Sydney, etc? A bit of a stretch, but i though you’d be amused..haha.

  • Uncle Beaver

    Charlie’s Ghost, I’m liking it. I think you’ve pushed me even further into believing Christian Shephard has SOMETHING to do with with Dharma. Speaking of enigmatic characters we don’t see enough of: Richard Alpert! Let’s hope they give us some answers as what was going on in Locke’s flashbacks during “CABIN FEVER”. That was ONE OF the better eps during season 3, mostly cuz it was so darn strange and answered VERY LITTLE, while at the same time, giving us TONS to mull over.