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Turns out the ABC showrunners panel today yielded some decent info on LOST season five of a spoilerish nature.

E!Online’s Watch With Kristin and Crew broke the following concerning the splitting up of the cast:

… when asked about how they would manage the split casts next
season (with some on the Island and some off), Damon said, “We have
that [issue] intensely in mind.” He said that they find that separating
characters geographically and emotionally is a valuable storyline tool
for them, but they’re aware that they can only do that for so long
before audiences get impatient.

Clearly this implies that Jack and crew will be making it back to the island fairly quickly, or at least sooner than the end of the season.

Of course, the big rumbles are circulating around Daniel Dae Kim’s future on the show.   Jin will be appearing “In some form” according to Lindelof, and according to Cuse “In human form.”   Lindelof’s statement is probably more telling.  It does seem to indicate that Kim’s role will be reduced, but we’ll see.  Lindelof and Cuse take artful vasselation to its most effective extremes;  Lindelof’s comment could have been meant to mislead us speculators, or could have been an honest forecast of Jin’s involvement.  Jin fans, cross your fingers.

  • Henry Holland

    Well, they’re really going to have to have a doozy of an explanation of how anyone could survive an explosion that engulfed the whole ship in a fireball and sank the boat within 2 minutes. Christian Shepherd appearing to him to say “It’ not your time yet” wouldn’t work for me. 🙂

  • docarzt

    Noone on LOST has ever survived a DUI arrest. I suspect Jin’s death or lack thereof will be a season long mystery, but we’ll see. Honestly, I can’t see a miracle survival… BUT it does fit the pattern. Just like every season has a pesky animal episode, every finale has a “Do they survive?” moment. Taking into consideration this would be Jin’s second, odds aren’t looking good. Not to mention, having Jin alive would sort of severe the emotional momentum for Sun.

  • damon

    No great news for me !
    Some of my least favourite characters are inside the Oceanic6 group, I don’t want them back soon, I need a rest of them (and if they are separated, I can use my forward button to see their stories).

  • b

    Not seeing anyone on the deck of the boat right before the explosion + Daniel floating in the middle of the ocean with a bunch of experts = Jin is alive.

    Jin’s not an idiot. Once he realized the helicopter wasn’t coming back, he would have ran as fast as humanly possible to the side of the boat furthest from the C4, dove into the water and swam as far as humanly possible before the explosion.

    It’s a bit of a long shot (not so much because of what I said about Daniel), but I think Jin’s alive.

    And I think Jin’s survival would make Sun’s emotional roller coaster even more intense. And it’s almost a necessity at this point in the show. Penny and Desmond are no longer long lost lovers, so what better way to celebrate that than creating another set of long lost lovers?

  • b


    By experts, I meant extras.

  • egobruiser

    I have a crazy out ther theory but this is lost after all… has anyone seen the new dharma video with ‘cheng’? well apparently the voice in the background is Faraday. What if in some crazy lost created world, When the island disappeared and sucked the beachies to wherever, it also sucked in Faraday and Jin and now thery are stuck in the 70’s with ‘candlewax’ just before the ‘purge’ which he’s not supposed to survive. ipso facto, jin will return in ‘some form’
    but that’s just a theory.

  • Cant Tellu

    Who is that mysterious dark figure in the back ground?

    Why…it’s Dr. Edgar Halliwax

    Has anyone else heard of a cameo by Rosario Dawson in Season 5?!

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