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Lost Spoiler – 4.12… Who is in the…

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This just in from Ryan in Hawaii:  The big funeral scene in 4.12 that has all of the Oceanic 6 together in one place… it is for Christian Shephard! This obviously puts to rest any notion that Christian is alive in the future. 
  • cool, but that still doesn’t explain the mobisode “So it Begins”

  • Evan

    I’m confused. Does this mean that he was alive in the future and died, or is this just the funeral for him dying in Australia? If it’s the latter, is the casket actually empty?

  • LiamPace

    “This obviously puts to rest any notion that Christian is alive in the future.”

    Does it? It could be a sham funeral.

  • rwilson

    It only puts it to rest if they have the body of Christian Shepherd in the casket. Otherwise, we still don’t know if he is alive or dead.

  • TheMonsterAteThePilot

    Interesting! -I always thought that the reason Jack was talking about his dad outload in the future (“Through thr Looking Glass”) was because, like Hurley sees Charlie, Jack sees his dad…It wouldn’t surprise me if Christian (Island ghost or entity of) would end up sitting in the pews during a speech Jack will be making about his dad! -Cool news! Thankx!

  • Spectre

    Why would all those people show up for the funeral, but ONLY Jack showed up for the wake???

    Maybe the wake/coffin FF is not necessarily connected to the funeral? Did anyons see Jack? Was he full bearded and looking like a train wreck at the funeral, just as he was at the wake? Or was he clean shaven and looking fresh? That would probably answer one way or another if these are connected or not…

  • Surly

    This isn’t the same funeral/casket as the one bearded Jack attended in last season’s finale.

    Also, I agree that this doesn’t necessarily mean Xtian is dead, undead, etc. Jack found the casket empty after the crash. Funerals are still held for those whose bodies are lost. Could be a funeral for an empty casket.

  • Ed Holden

    It makes sense that after returning to the mainland they’d have a funeral, since that was what Jack had gone to Sydney to do: get Christian’s body for the funeral. Everyone would be expecting it, even though they don’t have Christian’s body with them. He’ll be “buried” in much the same way Jin is “buried” in South Korea.

    I think Christian is dead … but he’s also on the island (to borrow Charlie’s syntax). It’s a paradox, and one that hasn’t been explained yet, but Darlton have said explicitly that everyone who dies is officially dead … and then they went on to create scenes with Charlie talking to Hurley at Santa Rosa and Christian walking around the island helping people to find caves and dogs to find people. So clearly there’s an underlying concept here that hasn’t been revealed yet. (Ghosts? Alternate timeline people overlapping the current events sequence. Who knows. At this point I doubt we’ll guess it before it’s revealed.)

    Jack may know his father is on the island, or he may not. Either way he’d go along with the funeral proceedings because the Oceanic 6 are lying to the world about pretty much everything. But I suspect Jack is not lying in the context of the funeral; that is, he’s unaware that his father is on the island, and considers Christian well and truly gone. I base this upon Through the Looking Glass because I always interpreted his drunken words in the hospital (“you bring my father down here”) as being metaphorical (i.e., if Christian is in heaven, he’s probably still more drunk than me).

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    could this be the setting where Jack finds out he’s related to Claire? …after he’s already off the island? …after, possibly, his decision as to who leaves and who stays? … maybe someone arrives to the funeral that connects the dots for Jack, informing him of his half-sis, who is either dead or still on the island…. commence Jack’s pills and booze binge….??

    just thinking out loud…


  • BiggsDarklighter

    Christian Shephard!?!? Check the shoes…

  • xoxo

    “This obviously puts to rest any notion that Christian is alive in the future. ”

    That’s mean the funeral scene is just after the come back of oceanic 6 (few days)

    It’s short time for Sayid to meet Nadia …

  • Fred in D.C.

    They asked the fans to try and figure out the Timelines (The Order) of the Flashforwards in Season 4. I want to know if after the season when Darlton does a Interview about the Season Finale will they finally let us know then what order do those Flash-Forwards go? Or if not when will they let us in on how the order went?