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Lost Spoiler – 5.01 New Recurring Character

By docarzt,

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That’s right folks, a new recurring character:

LOST, Episode 501 (Role of Martha)

[MARTHA] 35 to 40, Asian, attractive. A smart, capable scientist with a strong personality who has taken a break to raise her baby but plans to work again. Completely believes in the work she is doing but sometimes questions the decisions of those in charge…CO-STAR, RECURRING

Okay, now… are you with me?  Dharma.  Is her last name Chang?

  • Bezmina

    Miles’ mommy then? Hmmmmm curiouser and curiouser!

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    Miles’ mommy AND Candle’s wife!

  • Uncle Beaver

    Just cuz Miles is Asian, Chang is his his father? I’m not saying it’s not possible, but I’m not buying it just yet. How ’bout this? Could Faraday be Jacob? If Faraday did travel to the past as a “side effect” of the Island moving while he was on the “edge” of the purple flash that moved the Island, and he has already had exposure to time traveling or conscious shifting electromagnetic energy, then MAYBE when he travels back in time to the Dharma-era Island, something more drastic changes inside him, and he shifts through time/space, disappearing and reappearing, (as we’ve seen Jacob do) with a heightened conscious to become omniscient intangible Jacob…. or not.

  • themachine

    yes, because she is asian, she is Miles’ mom… Really, I just think she is, and Chang is his father….