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Lost Spoiler Clip – 4.07 The Oceanic 815 Black Box

By docarzt,

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  • bcs4842

    Awesome clip! Looking like a great episode.

    “The wreakage was obviously staged”

    I’m not so sure about that anymore…

  • Othermansam

    Brilliant Clip but its just asking questions we are already asking?

  • chromaticblues

    Oh my god. The next episode is going to be brilliant, I know it.

  • Mark Buehner

    Kinda begs the question of how the captain of a freighter got ahold of it.

  • lockefan3805

    Sooo….where DOES one get 324 dead bodies……????? Do they just accumulate them
    from various deeds of misconduct all over the globe???

  • theshadowfax

    Very interesting, great thought provoking clip.

    On a side note, I may just be hyper sensitive, but putting oceanic 815 black box right in the title seems like a big old spoiler right out in the open. I have been spoiler free (except for this episode, as it got accidently spoiled for me earlier) and would have been disappoited to see that if I wasn’t already spoiled

    DocArzt, just something to think about.

    (I hope I am not comming off as b*tchy, just trying to be helpfull)

  • This sounds like its related to stuff that happened in the ARG!!!!!!! Mittlewerk was doing bad stuff in Africa!

  • themachine

    nothing spoiler about it except for the fact that u watched a clip, that says “Spoiler” before you click on the link. the title cant be a spoiler, and neither is a clip of the show. we never know what happens/how it happens after a small sampling of a scene.

  • primitiv

    Obviously, you need more than 300 bodies, you need matching bodies. Could they have been cloned or taken from another time?

  • laura

    it probably has to do with the orchid station which we havent seen yet. Remember the clip with the bunny freakout. I think it may have been part of the arg

  • I think i just pissed myself…

  • Any chance the bodies used for the fake wreckage were the Dharma people that Ben and “the hostiles” gassed?