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Lost Spoiler – Clips from Episode 4.06 “The Other Woman”

By docarzt,

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  • Dusk

    After watching the first clip, I gotta ask – who is leading The Others now? They are obviously back and with a purpose in mind (ultimately to revisit The Barracks to find everyone eating their porridge, Goldilocks & The Three Bears style?). If Richard has taken the lead, the results could be interesting. He’s always (as far as we’ve known) been the willing second-fiddle. If someone from the original Hostiles were to take over, we might see some Others that are dangerous and scary again.

  • jim stembridge

    why is the second video never loading. have the same problem with the later posting of the four clips for this week’s episode….none of them will load….i’ve noticed this happens every week and eventually they work but they have not started working this week…why is that?

  • clont brausetabletten ,