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Lost Spoiler – Damon and Carlton Scoop on Season 4

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darlton.jpgThe “Official” Lost podcast was released today and boy howdy, was it chock full of Lost info.  Damon and Carlton were unusually giving on some major questions looming over the season 4 story. 

How much writing have they gotten done?

The Lost crew has finished episodes nine and ten and are currently working on 11.

What is the deal with the finale?

The finale will be a two parter. So it will be a traditional two hour story, split over two weeks.

Is Widmore really evil?

Well, Ben was telling a truth and a lie. He is behind the freighter, but he is not there for the reason that Ben says he is. We’ll know by the end of season four.

When will Ben’s “Man on the Boat” be revealed?

Ben’s “Man on the Boat” will be revealed THIS week.

Are Find 815, The Lost Experience, and Via Domus part of the Lost story?

No. But the mobisodes and the Orchid Video ARE part of the story.

Where is the Smoke Monster?

Hold onto your butt! He’s coming.