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LOST Spoiler – Episode 5.02 “The Lie” Sneek Peek

By docarzt,

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Thanks to LyLy for the heads up.  This new sneek peek has shown up on It comes from the second half of the LOST premiere even, “The Lie.”  Of course, since it is a video clip you should consider it a spoiler – but it isn’t very revealing.

[media id=4 width=397 height=297]


    awesome ….i keep watching it .lol @ hurley bloop!

    • docarzt

      Jack’s reaction to it is classic.

  • Nice, i love it, i think this would count as a flash back scene though

    • Pat

      definitely a flashback

  • CorrosionX

    No… he wants to spend the rest of his life killing (for Ben).


    hi ..this has nothing to do with the video..well ??actually it has..the dsa announcement week 8 countdown has begun,at last i’m so excited,however i have a feeling that the new 5.02 lie sneek peek will be the content of the e-mail

  • Zack M.

    i just saw a new sneak peak during the finale
    when will that be up?

  • 23G

    I’m on the west coast and just saw that “sneak peek” – I so want to see it again. It looks like S5 will be one fun e-ticket ride!

  • Casey

    I’m pretty sure that Hurley is wearing the same T-Shirt he was wearing during the exodus from the island last season, which would place this shortly after Penny’s boat shows up but before they are revealed to the world to have survived. Remember just before the O6 landed while they are still on the transport, Jack says something akin to “We’ve all gone over the story. We know what to say.”

    I imagine this is the scene he is referencing, in which the O6 decide exactly what “The Lie” will consist of.

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