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LOST Spoiler – More Filming Updates from Ryan

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My pal Ryan from TheTransmission/Hawaii Blog – AKA the best source of LOST spoilers ‘in da world’ – passed along a very interesting tip concerning finale filming.  Read if you dare:

They’re shooting today. Probably just to prove me wrong about
yesterday being the last day. They postponed a shoot scheduled for
yesterday. According to Crissy and Kanahina, on location now, they’re
recreating an L.A. street scene. A woman is lying in the road. Sayid
comes to her aide. Considering recent reveals about someone visiting
both Locke and Sawyer at pivotal moments in their history, and
possibly Sun and Jin at their wedding, I suspect the same is happening
here. Could this be Nadia’s assassination?

Now here is the deal.  So far, we’ve seen Jacob – or who we assume to be Jacob – at Sawyer’s father’s funeral, and Locke’s fall.  We know they filmed – or rather, re-filmed – Sun and Jin’s wedding, who wants to place odds on Jacob showing up at these moments?  And what the heck is Jacob doing walking around anyways?  These are the kinds of major spoilers I don’t mind because with no context it’s just one big WTF!

And also, sounds like the finale is a wrap! Let’s petition ABC for a s5 marathon ending in a week or so after this is cut, shall we?

Thanks to: Ryan HawaiiBlog/TheTransmission