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LOST Spoiler – New LOST 5.10 Promo

By docarzt,

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  • DarthVibbert

    Thinking Sayid is going to shoot Jin…

    • Charlie’s Ghost

      nah, i believe he flipped jin over and to the ground and is hovering over him, when looks up and shoots someone else. at least i think…

  • KeepingAwake

    It says the video is no longer available. 🙁

  • Bookhouse Boy

    Doesn’t look any different than the original promo…

    • It’s a little different. Sayid looking out of the corner of his eye at Phil coming into the jail room.
      But that’s about it. 🙂

  • Lacey

    Think Sayid is going to go after Ben, not Jin… Cant wait to see what happens, looks like an awesome episode!

    • RandomZombie

      Definitely. “Now I know exactly why I’m here” seems to say it all – he believes he went back to kill Ben.
      He’s still a good guy, after all, and would have no reason to kill Jin or Sawer, since they’re more likely to let Sayid go and tough it out in the jungle than try to stop him.

  • “You’re all going to die…”

    Not good.

  • Uncle Beaver

    I’ve tried to stay away from MOST spoilers. This one isn’t really that bad, most of the ABS promos aren’t TOO spoilerific.

    I think Said is the most under-used and under-appreciated of the MAIN characters. His character was not used enough during Season 3, but Season 4 was a lot better at telling us some Said stories. I hope we get our fair share of him (and DESMOND, who we haven’t seen in a while) this season.

    FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Locke, Ben, Eko, Desmond.

    Pretty much in that order

    I know a lot of people are SICK of Jack, but since the Season 3 Finally, his character has REALLY gotten interesting, and even (a little) under-used.

    Faraday and Sawyer are always cool, too. And I know A LOT of people will disagree, but Ana Lucia was awesome!