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Lost Spoiler – Weekly UGO Spoilery Preview Up

By docarzt,

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I’ve done my duty for the mainstream and given a spoilerish look at “The Constant.”  Tune in there tomorrow for my review of “The Constant.” 

  • Steve

    Can we get a hint of when we can expect to see Michael for the first time?

  • Desmundo

    Doc, I think you meant to write “accept” instead of “except” when referring to Claire’s baby.

  • Desmundo

    You also spelled the last name of Frank Lapidus wrong.

  • allessa

    @Steve : as i heard, Michael is supposed to be seenin the 8th episode. Actually, the 8th episode is Michael centric…

  • Thom

    How in the world is Aaron not considered one of the 6 if he is indeed Claire’s Aaron?

  • preztige

    Aaron said Mommy in the Aussie accent when Kate picked him up. Dont know why, if he grew up on the island, or in America; maybe it was to establish the fact that he is Claires. Maybe he spent time with Claire until he was 1 and a half or 2 and got his accent from her? …….how old does Aaron look in the future. Isnt i only supposed to be a year apart from the island? how did he grow up so fast?

  • Francis

    Sounds interesting!
    A Desmond-centric episode has to be great!

    And I have a question for you: Can I expect to have another bloody awesome episode like Confirmed dead??

  • Steve

    Yeah, I knew the 8th episode was Michael centric, I was just wondering if he was going to show up before that.

  • themanfromtallahasse

    Off topic here and i apologise, but i was re-watching FBYE last night and something hit me as des looked into the imploded hole in the ground that was the swan station. It looked impossible that des, locke and ecko escaped from where they were in the swan as they did. So to my point, what if they didnt escape? What if they did die down in the hatch and that the current des, locke and the dearly departed mr. ecko (R.I.P), are/were actually copies of themselves, as per what we seen in the orchid orientation video. what if locke and ecko “popped” straight to where they meant to go and that des somehow went “off track” from where he was meant to go, hense his flashing ability but neither locke or ecko having any flashes.

    Why didnt des have any clothes on, why couldnt locke talk, how did ecko end up dragged into a cave by a polar bear, i dont know but i dont think that these were just some random scenes that were put in by the writing team.

    I had a thought that the smoke monster killed ecko because he was a “copy” and not the original, thus the smoke monster being called a “security system” as it ensures only the original survives, not the copies, but this does not account for locke or des still being alive.

    cant wait for people to tear holes in this theory!!!!

  • themanfromtallahasse

    forgot to add that the incident in the swan hatch could have been that multiple copies of people working in the hatch at the time kept “popping” up. thus the chernobyl style concrete to stop these copies occuring.

    with a possible example being doctors marvin candle, (sorry forget his 1st name)wickman and edgar halliwax.

  • moshboat

    I’d like to know on what evidence we are forced to accept that aaron in the flashforward is indeed claire’s child.

  • xvmncbz

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