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Lost Spoilers 10/22 – News from Ausiello

By Koobie,

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Earlier this week Ausiello spilled that Mrs. Hawking would be returning to the show, and that she has a connection with a major character. Today, he revealed Mrs. Hawking and the major character who is not Desmond are r*l*t** (can you guess the answer to this brain buster?).

Unrelated to that, Lance Reddick (or “Abaddon”) has been spotted filming on the island for what may be episode 5.06, and there are two new casting calls out:

Hal: “a white dude in his 70s that can fight the establishment and win” (may be recurring)

Mike: “a thirtysomething scientist who’s on the brink of something big. An authentic Czech accent is required”

Read the Questions and Answers, in full, here.