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LOST Spoilers – 4.10 Filming

By docarzt,

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Ryan from HawaiiBlog/TheTransmission published a filming update.  Looks like 10 is not a Kate exclusive episode after-all, but may be the rumored O6 flashback.  Check out Ryan’s article for more pics and info.

I posted a bit more speculation in my LOST Blog at UGO as well.

  • graham

    So, if we have an O6 centric flashforward in ep.10, then, maybe the season finale is better than what I previously thought! Maybe I have my soooo expected on-island flasforward!!! You may say I’m a dreamer, and yes!
    Didn’t say the writers that they will give us more information than they thought this season???

  • Matt

    if there is not both Locke and Ben episodes this season i’m done.

  • aliasrox

    “I’m done!” Waaaa, someone call a waaaambulance.

    So you are done if no further Ben epi this season? Gray’s Anatomy is back on, see ya.

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