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Lost Spoilers – 4.10 Something Nice Back Home Pics

By docarzt,

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Here are some promo pics, full resolution, from 4.10 “Something Nice Back Home.”

  • Doc did you get my link on myspace about the season 3 soundtrack coming out the first week of May instead of the last week of april?


  • There’s a small picture up of the cover too…

    LOST: Season 3
    Original Television Soundtrack

    Music Composed by Michael Giacchino

    Matthew Fox
    Evangeline Lilly


  • Jay Zabi

    What in the world is going on with Jack?

  • Mr Kong

    He got Man-Flu

  • CJ

    The photos that intrigue me are the ones where Ben is out toting a gun alongside Locke….interesting….

  • Brett

    Jack doesn’t look too good in some of these pics.

  • Henry Holland

    Die Jack, die! Please freaking DIE, like you were originally supposed to in the pilot episode! DIIIIIEEEEEE!

    Damn. 🙂 This is why the flash-forwards blow: there’s not one bit of tension about his fate because we know he survives. Why couldn’t they have done this:

    Season 4 = battle between Others and Losties v. boaties
    Season 5 = finale is Oceanic 6/8 and Ben getting off the Island
    Season 6 = their life after the Island

    As it is now, whenever one of the Oceanic 6 or Ben are in peril on the Island, I yawn.

    Nice to see the background cast featured so prominently, hopefully my boy Dustin Watchman (Scott of Sceve) will be around.