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Lost Spoilers – 4.11 – “Cabin Fever” Doc’s Clue Words

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Here we go folks.  Last week was so much fun, I decided to give it another go.  Below are some highly interesting plot points from episode 4.11 “Cabin Fever.”  If you operate another blog, you might as well link directly here if you want to help solve because guess what… there are going to be new hints at random points throughout the day… so if you’re watching a copy/paste… your missing out.   So without further delay….

UPDATED!  45 minutes to go!  Can you guess them before the show starts?

***m* ***** ** s**** m******,  *** *** **n ****.

****s**** **** ** *p**** ** j****’s ******.

a****** *p***** ** l***’* ********k.

*r*** *r*** *****e* p***e ** c*** ***k.

***m* **** *h* c****** *** ***** c****** ** *** *****h**r