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Lost Spoilers – 4.12a Promo Pics

By docarzt,

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  • aliasrox

    Sun’s dad looks cranky, you figured he would be somewhat happy with Jin out of the picture.

  • Jack’s Back

    Did they spell Jack’s last name “Shephard” instead of “Shepherd” on purpose?

    Have I had this name wrong all along?

  • Dave B

    Who is the woman in the first picture? She’s also seen to the right of Sun’s parents in their picture, but I don’t recognise her…

  • Haliwax

    I think that women is Kate’s mom. Also, none of the O6 look very happy to be there…

  • ErasedSlate

    Are you talking about Jack’s mom? The O6 are not the only one’s that look unhappy to be there.

  • preztige

    you can tell by all there faces that they are all lying about something.

  • I wonder if our friend Abaddon will be in the crowd?

  • milo

    Jack has always been Dr. Shephard.

    McDreamy on Grey’s anatomy is Dr. Shepherd.