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LOST Spoilers – 5.05 – This Place Is Death – Clip #2

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Here is clip #2 from LOST 5.05, This Place Is Death.

[media id=44 width=640 height=480]

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  • thea_ofthesea

    Cannot wait!

  • Seabiscuit

    Stupid young French dude really needs to listen to Jin.

  • crixius

    Ooohhh! Old school Lost! Is that how the French dude loses an arm?

    • MB

      Or is that how arm lost a French dude?

  • SMOKEY 😀

  • spacebender


  • OK – assuming this is where Montand loses his arm, I wonder why Locke didn’t lose his when in a similar spot? That would imply some sort of hierarchy involved in controlling Smokey – one is operating it, and another giving orders to either rip the arm off or let him go.

    Bring on Wednesday!!!!!!

    • horace goodspeed

      If that isn’t where he loses his arm, then he is one star-crossed Froggie.

    • malakai

      A smaller part of the monster grabbed Locke in season one and Jack and Kate were able to dynamite it, it didn’t just let go.

      This time there is a much larger piece of the monster pulling on Montand and these people have no explosives to fight it off. It probably tears off his arm to break their hold on Montand and drags him into its lair.

      • Jason

        You can see some smoke circling around his upper arm as if that is where it will be severed.

  • Paul

    Hey… is anyone wondering if we could be being mislead about Lacombe being a minor character? I mean, he has lines here and he’s a muscian. And a muscian programmed the Looking Glass computer…

    Oh, and I’m guessing Locke didn’t loose his arm because Jack dispersed the Monster with dynamite. I doubt the French team have explosives. Therefore they’re likely gonna have to tear Montand away from the Monster, losing his arm in the process.

  • clueless1der

    AHHHH, Smokey I love thee. Can anyone guess about how old that Ben would have been around this time. (With Time being relative and all, lol.)

    • professorstotch

      Danielle’s tranmission has been running about 16 years. Assuming it was set up around the time they arrived, we can guess they’ve been on the island since about 1988. I’d peg Ben at about…41. So I’d guess he’s about 25 at the time they arrive on the island.

      • clueless1der

        That fills me with joy and glee.

  • spinflip

    Smoke’d. 😎

  • Axolotl

    Did anyone notice how the hole in the ground that the smoke monster came from is at the bottom of some kind of man made stone structure? Pause at 1:54 to sort of see it.

    • Steven

      the temple??

  • ShakenBunny

    SMOKEY! YESSSSSS!!! Missed you baby ;o)

  • Elizabeth

    I SOOO can’t wait for Wednesday!

  • LOST12steplpan

    Hmmm, could this be the black pillar of smoke Danielle tells us about when we first hear her story?