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Lost Spoilers – 9/12 Update

By docarzt,

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Warning!  Click forward and you will be spoiled!   Here is a small update thanks to “our friends out west.”  A few new character details for you to chew on.

Thanks to ‘god’ and kudos to DarkUFO for getting this first.

to early 30s, any ethnicity. Tough, formidable, someone who could take
an order and execute it flawlessly. WOULD PREFER A STUNT MAN… Co-star.

to mid 30s, Caucasian. Owner of a Tunisian bar. Smug and smart, knows
he’s better than most of his colleagues but has a short temper. Thinks
he’s a tough guy and gets himself into trouble because of it. MUST
SPEAK FRENCH… Guest star.

[ LEON ]
to late 20s, Caucasian. Reserved, handsome and talented. A romantic at
heart, he finds himself overwhelmed in a stressful job and at odds with
a realist. MUST SPEAK FRENCH.. Guest Star.

Stuntman, toughness, wow.  Sounds like somebody is going to be picking a fight in a bar.