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Lost Spoilers – 9/14 Filming Update

By docarzt,

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From Hawaii comes word that Hoffs/Drawler has been redressed as “Simon’s Butcher Shop.”  Yes, that is Simon as in Simon Pace.  Could this mean we’ll be seeing Charlie era flashbacks early on in season 5?  Time will tell.

  • Victim of Oceanic 815


  • theMachine

    Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! niceeeeeeeeeee

  • Victim of Oceanic 815

    Hey. There’s another filming in youtube (Lost filming in Keehi Lagoon) that involves Desmond on a sailboat.
    Apparently Desmond is trying to find help for Penny who’s inside the sailboat. Note at the end of the clip Desmond screams “Penny, we’re here!” and also one of the production crew is wearing an Orchid station t-shirt.

    Does this mean there’s gonna be a Desmond centric episode? If so, WOO HOO!!!