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Lost Spoilers – About that beach camp

By docarzt,

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From my good friend Ryan on ‘the island’ comes this very intriguing set of photos.  Let’s talk about them and what they may mean for LOST after the jump. Analysis below the image browser.

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So what are we looking at here?  There are some tell tale items that betray this as the belongings of our lostaways, only MUCH older.  Does this mean we are going to see the future on the island?  Daniel Faraday certainly indicated that flashes into the future would be a possibility.  The question is, who would still be living in the age-battered remains of the beach camp, and why?

For more pics and info: Hawaii Blog

  • the dude

    I dunno, that doesn’t really look too familiar…

  • Landry B.

    when is this shot taken from? I mean at what point, in what episode? I’m very confused…it does look like Losties Camp…but can’t say any more than that…

  • DarthVibbert

    things that make you say hmmm

  • ellejaygee

    What’s that orange stuff strewn all over the place? Looks like exploded pumpkins or fruit rinds or something.

  • Nicole

    Are those skulls in the sand in the 3rd pic?

  • neoloki55

    If this a look into the future I think it is a very good possibility that this stuff is from someone elses crash. New Losties!

  • Jack’s Back

    Pure speculation, but the camp site has PFD’s and a life ring that would come from a ship. The luggage and PFD’s look like vintage late 20th Century.

    I’m guessing that this is the original survivors camp from Danielle Rousseau and her science team since she was on the island for 16 years and that would put her around 1988.

    The garbage on the sand is mostly coconuts and husks. They would have used the spike stuck in the sand to remove the husks from the coconut.

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