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Lost Spoilers – Additional Clues to Straume, Faraday, and Lapidus

By ErasedSlate,

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Damon Lindelof emailed a quick introduction to USA Today, today, about three of the Fascinating Freighter Four.  He gave some minor spoilers about these characters.

Damon’s hints:

  • Straume: “Miles isn’t here to make friends. He’s here for something else. And it ain’t what he told us at the end of Episode 2.”
  • Faraday: Physics can be fun and dangerous
  • Lapidus: “A true conspiracy nut, he has probably seen every episode of The X-Files, and that’s going to pay off for him.”

With that last hint, I am already dusting off an alien cover-up theory.

For a full description of these characters, read the article in USA Today.