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Lost Spoilers – Asterix Puzzles for Part Two!

By docarzt,

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Remember, if you’re solving anywhere other than here at the source… you’re a weenie. Be kind.  Score your own spoilers.

****s**** **p**** ** *** *r******* ** **l**** *******.
*** *** *e*** **a** * **s* *********a* ****.

And a bonus easy one:

LF*0* *i***d * *o* o* *e*a*ls *n* *a* *l*t *u* wr*ng *b*** a *e* *h*ng*.

  • surly

    I’m awful at these, but I hope the “easy” one says at least in part

    LF108….but wrong about a few things

    Fill in the blanks, someone! And praise, jeebus, let LostFan108 be wrong about MORE than a few things!

  • Ben’s Brother

    christian appears as the…

  • Justin

    Christian appears on the freighter….?

    Also, no offense doc, but are you sure all of the spelling is correct? I think there may be a few mistakes.

  • Susan

    LF108 missed a lot of details and was flat-out wrong about a few things.

    Solved one!

  • DocArzt

    none taken! there were some booboos… they should be good now

  • steve c

    i know the point is for us to guess but if the one about LF108 is really that he missed details and was wrong about things, can u please please please clarify if the things he missed/was wrong about are important, im not asking how much he missed or even what it was that he missed, just if it was important, basically will i be suprised even if i read his spoiler summary, ill appreciate any answer i can get from that

  • Justin

    Okay, so I think #1 is
    Christian appears on the freighter to help out Desmond (Michael). Doesn’t match up exactly but it’s the only thing I can make make sense.

  • Goldfoot

    If wr*n*g=wrong, then there is an extra asterisk in there. There shouldn’t be one between the n and g.

  • Josh

    Christian appears on the freighter to relieve Michael?

  • Josh

    last 4 words of #2: a last spectacular kiss?

  • DocArzt

    lf108’s description of the episode is sloppy, misses several awesome moments, and really – imho – seeks to demean the episode and misinform the fans. All the more reason why ruiners shouldn’t be promoted by Lost fans. In this case, those of us who pushed LF108’s dope on the streets helped a guy who clearly doesn’t give a crap about LOST put one over on the entire fandom. Will we do it again? I say… helllll no. Not that we ever did it here.

  • Justin

    Going off of Josh’s last post:
    Last FIVE words for #2: share a last spectacular kiss.

  • Mel

    @steve c – LF108 did miss out the scene with Charlotte and Miles, for one, and I’d think Charlotte not being on the island for the first time is pretty important info.

    #2: using Josh’s prompt:

    Des and Penny share a last spectacular kiss. Not too happy about the last, here. But maybe it’s “last spectacular fish?”

  • Josh

    Teamworking with Justin…and I hope I’m wrong 🙁

    Pen and Dessy share a last spectacular kiss?

    I hope I’m wrong I hope I’m wrong

  • Goldfoot

    My guess: Des and Penny share a most spectacular kiss.

  • Josh

    I was so distraught over the thought of what I was typing…crap…I thought I was reaching with “Pen” and “Dessy”….”Des” and “Penny” fits all too well…crap…NO!!

  • Josh

    And Goldfoot comes in with the save! I like “most” waaay better than “last”.

    I’m not a shipper at all but I’ve definitely got a soft spot for Penny and Des!

  • Goldfoot

    Same here Josh. I had only seen your “spectacular kiss” guess and decided to try it out and I like most better than last. I’m not a shipper either, except for those two. I’m wondering about the first one though. What about….
    Christian appears on the freighter to release Michael. You know, from the hold the island has on him. Thoughts?

  • Josh

    “release” sounds pretty good to me Goldfoot. Despite the things Michael did, I still feel sympathy for him. I hope he gets his work done for the island, finds his redemption and gets to be a father to Walt…but he didn’t say “I’m here to die” for no reason…so we’ll see.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    Did we ever get a complete answer for some of the past puzzles? Most were solved, but some weren’t….

  • buffy

    Last????!!?! Not LAST?!?! right???

    it’s MOST, yes? Please? yes?? aagghhhhhh

  • preztige

    Ben and Keamy share one last spectacular kiss?????

    I hope its not Des and Penny. Dont want none of them to die!!!!

  • Surly

    @preztige: awesome.




    3. LF BASICALLY S****S


  • Goldfoot

    Oh hell yeah. I’m so glad I was right about the “most” spectacular kiss. I’m so happy with this finale. This is going to be a much easier 8 months knowing that Desmond got to see Penny again.:-D