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Lost Spoilers – Ausiello 3/12: Foilers, Alpert, O6 surprises

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12614913[1].jpgTVGuide’s Scoopmeister, Michael Ausiello, is upsetting the applecart in Lost spoiler land.  For months fans have gone on the assumption that the Oceanic 6 is Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Jin, and Sun.  Well check this out:

“I was going to close this week’s column by revealing the identity of the remaining members of Lost’s super-cool clique, the Oceanic Six, but most of you seem to have it already figured out: *o* *a* *** **e **l* **** *i***.”

Need to know what that asterix clue says?  How about “You may get one only half right”? Well that may not be what it says word for word, however I can tell you the sentiment is very, very, real.   The presumed identity of the Oceanic 6 is wrong.  The truth will be revealed tomorrow.

Ausiello also has news on Richard Alpert:

“I have it on good authority that Nestor Carbonell has inked a deal to reprise his role as ageless island dweller Richard in at least one of this season’s final five episodes. In confirming the news, exec producer Carlton Cuse (i.e., the good authority I spoke of earlier) described the former Cane thesp as “a tremendous actor” whose “return will lead to some very interesting revelations.”

All I can say is thank god nobody got Cane.  I really wasn’t a huge fan, but it wasn’t that bad and Carbonell was awesome in a more featured capacity.  Who knows, maybe his big return will amount to a more visible stint in season 5 of Lost.

And on the foiler front.  When is a death not a death but a mystery?  Again, spoiler hounds have assumed the identity of the person that ‘dies’ in episode 7, is the disinformation of the oceanic 6 roster AND the death going to spell the end for the supposedly ‘informed’ fans in the blogosphere’s credibility?  Sound off.

Source:  TV Guide

  • gusteaux

    Does this mean that we can discuss the spoliers from December that identified the O6 and the FF death in this thread? Those two items are among the very few spoliers I have indulged in this season. Also, as you know, I have been very outspoken against the posting and discussion of spoilers in these threads. But if you are saying that those two spoliers were actually foilers, wouldn’t that negate the need to not mention them? If we are to engage in a speculative discussion it seems that the logical starting point would be: okay, we were given this information which Doc (who has seen the episode) now says is false, so who does that leave? I hope my questions make sense. I just don’t want to violate your or my standards regarding spoiling.

  • DocArzt

    Yes Gusteaux, since they were both speculation widely accepted as fact… feel free to discuss away. I think in part, the importance of this shows that despite ABC being portrayed a leaky ship, it proves that bloggers (myself included) are not on the inside, they just get lucky occassionally.

  • Surly

    If it’s true that the two items mentioned were indeed foilers, that’s excellent news. In both cases, I thought the developments were too obvious. Now if only Kevin Johnson were a foiler, as well…

  • DocArzt

    Well, since we’re speculating… I think the story about how Kevin Johnson came to be is more interesting then who he is. Think about it, if he is who we all think he is… how did he find the time to embed with the freighter?

  • milo

    If it turns out not to be Sun and Jin, those who thought they were spoiled will be VERY surprised, and it will make some people think twice about their spoiler sources. Although at this point, with complete synopses of entire episodes weeks in advance, there doesn’t seem to be any question that ABC is the leakiest ship around – anyone know if 4×07 has had a synopsis or major spoilers leaked yet? Even mainstream sources like Ausiello and Dos Santos leaked that Sayid was in the O6 and that Aaron ended up in Kate’s care.

    But I doubt it’s a foiler, I think it will turn out to be who people have suspected all along, and the info from ausiello a last ditch attempt to confuse people (too little too late).

    I really hope the Kevin Johnson pic/spoiler turns out to be a foiler, I can’t believe ABC would be so boneheaded as to put that out as a press release.

  • gusteaux

    I would have tended to agree with you if I didn’t know that Doc has already seen the entire S4 front eight. And he’s telling us straight up that at least part of the spoiler is bogus.

  • Jay

    What? How??? I am confused here. I read all this and made feel like You are 2 seasons ahead.

    You already know the identity of the rest of the O6????? Who are they?????

  • Surly

    I think the story about how Kevin Johnson came to be is more interesting then who he is. Think about it, if he is who we all think he is… how did he find the time to embed with the freighter?

    Oh, I agree, and I’m looking forward to his return. It’s just a bit deflating when a spoiler’s leak is so…prodigious. If there’s anyone who watches LOST who still doesn’t know who the man on the boat is, they’re not watching too closely.

  • Surly

    You already know the identity of the rest of the O6????? Who are they?????

    The Oceanic 6 revealed on DarkUFO and on this site weeks (months?) ago are:

    Jack Kate Sayid Hurley Jin and Sun

    Doc now seems to be saying that this isn’t accurate–I’m assuming it’s the Jin and Sun part that we’re about to find out was a spoiler.

    Keep watching this site and DarkUFO and you, too, can be 2 seasons ahead and drive yourself insane wondering how much more you’d enjoy the show if you didn’t anticipate every big reveal.

  • Surly

    Duh, I meant foiler, not spoiler. Deedle dee. Time to step away from the keyboard.

  • milo

    This whole thing is mighty confusing. The preview at UGO pretty much says that the remaining two are exactly who everyone suspects they are, which seems to contradict what Doc says here. Doc, don’t you write the UGO previews?

  • Jay

    Thank you Surly. I check now and then this site and DarkUfo, but I guess I missed this particular spoiler.

  • milo

    Jay, I’m surprised you missed that one, especially if you read the spoiler sites. It has been all over the net, including many times when people have posted it into user comments on various sites with no spoiler warning. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it turns out to be a foiler, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • tcm

    Doesn’t it depend on who is doing the presuming? Presumed by the fans or presumed by the folks inside the lost tv world? Still think that if it’s the six that everyone has speculated the six would be wrong if one of them takes a new name. Would be a great curveball if all the leaked info was false… but these episodes were filmed so long ago got to think that’s why there are so many spoilers out there.

    Doc says…

    The presumed identity of the Oceanic 6 is wrong. The truth will be revealed tomorrow.

  • gusteaux

    Okay. If Jin and Sun aren’t two of the O6, then they will probably end up being the two who initially survived but Kate Nightingale ‘couldn’t save.’ Sun knew that she had to get off the island or die, but she didn’t want to go back to the world and have herself, her husband and her baby fall under the iron fist of her father. So, eyewitnesses saw them die after the plane crash. No need for Piak to ever look for them. But he probably holds a mock funeral for them in Korea. Therefore, Jin and Sun are (secretly) off island, but not part of the O6. Jin and Sun both die (but not really). Flame away.

  • imfromthepast

    I think Hurley is the foiler. He never got off the Island. His whole FF was a halucination.

    Just kidding.

  • milo

    The ABC promo for this week said we’d find out the last of the O6, and it made it look like this week would be a Jin/Sun centric episode, right? So I would assume most people would guess those two are the last of the O6.

    And with Harold P’s name in the credits every week, knowing he’s coming back at some point this season, I’d bet that many people suspect him to show up on the boat.

  • kmo

    I have been checking the spoiler sites profusely and for at least the previous two weeks, there are been no entire episode synopsis’ to find. Bits and pieces here & there, sure but no entire episode details. So, Milo, if you know where these juicy little tidbits are hiding, do tell!

  • kmo

    I have been checking the spoiler sites profusely and for at least the previous two weeks, there are been no entire episode synopsis’ to find. Bits and pieces here & there, sure but no entire episode details. So, Milo, if you know where these juicy little tidbits are hiding, do tell!

  • milo

    gusteaux, interesting theory. But assuming J/S get off but keep it quiet, meaning they aren’t part of the O6…doesn’t that mean that two MORE people had to get off to get the number up to six? Meaning, along with Ben (and potentially Aaron), that means nine or ten people made it off? That seems like a lot. And if they were able to make it off secretly, why wouldn’t Kate do the same thing and avoid prison?

    At this point, there just don’t seem to be many possibilities for the final two. Locke seems like he would stay. Same for Sawyer, plus splitting him from Jack and Kate seems to be more interesting from a plot perspective. Claire probably doesn’t make it off since Kate has Aaron. Desmond, Rousseau, Juliet, and the others weren’t on the plane – from a plot standpoint, Juliet would be the one most interesting to get off the island. There are Rose and Bernard and a bunch of redshirts, but I think the last two will be main characters.

  • gusteaux

    Then the other two would have to be Michael and Walt.

    And as to your point about how many non-815ers get off don’t forget that Desmond is currently “off island” too, even if it’s only 40 miles or so.

  • tcm

    Milo – What about….. Jin and Sun sneaking Aaron off island… O6 being Michael,Walt,Jack,Hurley and Kate…

  • milo

    kmo, I’m only asking because I’m curious, not because I want to read them.

    I’m glad to hear there haven’t been any synopses since what, 404? Before the season even started, there seemed to be a ton of stuff getting out, hopefully they’ve got leaks way down since then.

    I’m really surprised there hasn’t been more talk about the death coming tomorrow, especially ABC not hyping it in their promo – I can’t remember a death on the show that wasn’t announced by ABC beforehand. It must be pretty odd circumstances for people to be so nonchalant about it, even putting “dies” in quotes as if it’s not a real death somehow. I assume it’s a death in a flashforward, meaning the character can still appear for a long time, but that stuill doesn’t seem like enough reason to shrug it off.

    I guess if it’s not J/S, it could be Michael and Walt, although it’s hard to imagine circumstances under which those two end up getting lumped into a group with the other four – it seems like they may make it off, but they would probably arrive separately. I don’t see why J/S would sneak Aaron off the island considering Aaron doesn’t seem to be a secret (Kate’s lawyer knows, and I can’t imagine the authorities not knowing that a convict on trial is raising a baby).

  • angelbaby0906

    What about Rose & Bernard? Couldn’t they be possibilities?

  • valentin_50

    I can’t really see Rose and Bernard leaving. Even though they chose not to go with Locke I can see them staying on the island anyways if they are given the choice because of Roses cancer. I’m thinking that if we are half right being as of the title is the supposed name Suns child’s name that Sun and someone unexpected will be revealed as the final two members of the six this week. I can only think of two possibilities for the death given the new circumstances. Either Jin or Claire but I could be totally off with one or both of those guesses.

  • milo

    If Rose and Bernard were in the O6, it would suddenly make them major characters on the show, and give both actors way more screen time then they’ve ever had before. I just don’t see the show doing that.

  • the cap’n

    Total wild speculation here -Suppose Michael got off island when we last saw him, but into the past (as some have theorized). He could have gone to work for Ben, and gone off to the freighter while leaving Walt behind. -I don’t beleieve for a second that Walt is on that freighter too.

    So assuming that we can have Michael as one of the 6 -without Walt- How hard would it be to see EITHER Sun or Jin making it off the island as one of the 6 as well?

    Don’t know about everyone else, but it screams out to me that Sun will make it off island without Jin. -The Michael/Sun relationship has already been hinted at, Sun wants to have this baby, AND out of all of the 6 who would have the best resources for helping them get back to the island? Storywise, it could easily all line up. …of course, how often does this show run with the obvious stories . . .

  • annand

    ok so somewhere i read that this episode will put yet a new twist on the flashes and i think ive figured out what it is.
    my guess is that we will be getting flashes of jin and sun throughout the episode only to find at the end that only one of them got off the island….how i hear you ask? simple. we’ll get flashbacks of one character and flashforwards of the other, edited to make it look like both occur in the future until the episodes end….

    if im right, this would be a great twist and a very darlton kinda thing to do.

    as for the death i think its jin. i think the o6 are kate, jack, hurley, sayid, sun and ?. with the other two being claire and jin. the reason the lie of the eight was constructed was to explain aarons presence and suns child. no idea who the question mark would be.

    anyways these are just crazy theories although i think the first one would be great if it happenned that way.

    hope it doesnt though.

  • gambit21

    I think it’s pretty obvious….the supposed death has to be the baby of Sun and Jin….hence showing the consequence of leaving the island. T

  • lmz27

    Hi all,
    I am wondering something —
    A month or so back, under the “pregnancy theory” thread I think, I posted that I thought it was strange that Ben and Juliet didn’t just experiment with taking couples off the island to conceive and then bringing them back. Or, I posted, why not recruit already pregnant women to the island and see if they carry to term? I assumed they did not do these types of experiments because there was a problem getting people on and off the island, or a problem about keeping the island secret, etc. But I still thought the lack of experimentation as far as conception was silly.
    Now, I just re-watched The Other Woman this morning, and Juliet says something to Ben when they are looking at the samples under the microscope that suddenly struck me as strange — she tells him here that “Only women that have conceived on the island does it happen to which makes me wonder….” and then she gets interrupted by Goodwin and the egg sandwich.
    Now, I know she told Ben this before, when they were sitting on that rock after she’d only been on the island for six months and asked to go home. But my question is, how did she actually determine that the deaths only happen at conception? What is she basing that conclusion on? Maybe they HAVE experimented with people who’ve conceived off the island? And if so, are there other side effects that makes that solution disastrous as well? I guess I’m just trying to figure out WHY Ben is so hooked on solving this problem if the solution is as easy as sending couples off the island to conceive and then bringing them back to carry to term. Also, for Juliet to come to this conclusion about conception, she would have had to have done experiments or studies to see if children conceived off island were surviving. Who are those people? Or, is she simply basing it on Alex and Danielle’s case study? That seems a little suspect for Juliet who’s a scientist and would seem to require more than just a case that happened 16 years ago.
    Anyway, please help me out here if my logic is incorrect. Thanks.

  • bmorelost

    annand, I thought of the exact same thing! One being flashback, the other flashforward. I am also starting to think that maybe Sun dies. Hers is the flashback, and in Jin’s flashforward he has their baby but we learn that Sun is no longer alive. So the “death not really being a death but rather a mystery” Ausiello mentions is what happened to Sun after the baby was born? This may or may not fit with the “only having half of the final 2 of the O6” thing, unless the supposed rescue doesn’t happen until after the baby is born, something then happens to Sun, and only Jin is counted. The next question would be who the true 6th person is and how is it revealed in Jin’s flashforward?

    OK, so maybe this whole thing doesn’t really seem plausible, but oh well.

  • Montana Wildhack

    I agree that Juliet would have to have some sort of basis for comparison. She could not determine that death only occured if conception happened on island, if she had off-island conceptions to compare them to. Perhaps those off-island conceptions who wee born on the island will become important. Perhaps we already know them…

    As far as why Ben seems obsessed with conceiving on the island: he doesn’t want to leave the island. I think he makes it pretty clear that the island is his home and he doesn’t want to leave. He also has a personal connection, since his mother died during childbirth. Now, with the Other Woman showing Ben’s human uh, “romantic” side, it becomes more plausible that he might be more normal than we thought, such as desiring a wife and maybe even some kids. It is my personal theory that Annie died when she got pregnant with Ben’s child. I think all of this would make successfully conceiving and birthing a child on-island a personal crusade for Ben.

  • milo

    Ben doesn’t want to leave the island? At this point we’ve seen that he has left the island, probably a number of times. If he wanted to raise a family on the island, I don’t see why he wouldn’t just get the lady knocked up off the island, then come back to have the baby be born and raised on the island.

  • gusteaux

    Didn’t Juliet ask Ben in “One of Us” to let her take a woman who had conceived on island off the island before her second trimester to test that theory? And didn’t Ben refuse?

  • David

    Regarding Ben and the pregnancy issues I think that Ben might be CAUSING the pregnancy issues for some reason that fits into his overall grand scheme. And he’s PURPOSELY set it up so Juliet can never really finish her work.

    Regarding the spoiler/foiler stuff I am thrilled with the way the twist has worked out. I don’t really read spoilers but found it very strange that Damon/Carlton on the podcast were so forthcoming saying “It’s a Sun and Jin episode and you’ll know who the rest of the six are.” That just seemed to be way too obvious and I knew they had a trick up their sleeves, but then when it started and I saw Jin at first I thought…oh well maybe they just didn’t think it was important to be a surprise.
    And then WOW they just totally changed everything up and tricked us good.

    I do think it would’ve been better though if they managed to keep the return of Michael under absolute secrecy. They probalby chose to go public with it when they knew he’d have to be credited anyway in every episode though. But his story will still be interesting even though it was OBVIOUS as all hell he’d be the man on the boat. But I can’t help thinking how FLOORED I would’ve been if i really had no clue he was gonna walk up to Des and Sayid. It still gave me chills of excitement anyway….but wow, to think what the shock value could have been.

  • milo

    Excellent call on the split flashback/flashforward guys, you pretty much got it exactly right. And even though I read that theory, I was completely fooled by the episode.

    The spoiler turned out to be a foiler after all, which is a huge relief to me. So doc and ausiello were right on this…but what I don’t get is the UGO preview (I assume written by Doc?) that says the last two are predictable and exactly who we expect – why get it right here, but wrong in a different article?

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