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Lost Spoilers – Ausiello On Casting Updates

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my frenemy at E! Online is reporting that Greg
Grunberg will reprise his role as Oceanic pilot Seth Norris in the
two-hour season finale. Coincidentally, that same episode will feature
the introduction of another pilot, a “young Top Gun type” who, per the
casting sheet, doesn’t like it when his copilot brings Lucky Charms
onboard. Or was it a lucky charm? Eh, it was one of those two.”

Source:  Ask Ausiello

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    Is it too much of a stretch to think that one of the pilots is an Other? I would imagine that someone had to fly on the right coordinates so to make it into the island’s bubble, no? I guess it could have been by accident, but if there is one thing that I’ve learned from this amazing show is that there are no accidents. Everything happens for a reason….at least on the show ;-p


  • graham

    no good news?

  • Alias Charlie

    When you said the island’s “bubble” it made me think of EVE ONLINE and POS’s… Touch the bubble and lose your ship, which may have been what happened to 815… Hrmmm I wonder if TPTB play Eve?! Woot that would be awesome!

  • pic369

    I’m in the process of rewatching season 3 for the third time now and I have to say I don’t think Ben knew in advance that the plane was crashing there. He looks as shocked as anyone, and quickly sends people out to assess the situation and gather the names. If he knew it was coming, he would have already known the names, and probably wouldn’t have waited as long as he did before “introducing” himself to the people.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    pic369, i have to slight disagree. i know Ben, very early on, stated that he had a tumor in his back and poof, a back surgeon fell from the sky….but i believe something was said this season to elude that Ben crashed the plane on purpose. When I remember the line and episode, i’ll post it. Sorry for not being able to fully justify my opinion right now. I, too, thought that the plane crash was an accident/coincidence for Ben’s back problem, but there was something early this season that changed my mind….damn, i can’t remember.


  • @Charlies Ghost:
    You’re probably thinking of this seasons ‘Other Woman’. Juliet asks “what could Ben possibly do” and we cut instantly to ‘815 coming down from the POV of Othertown. I certainly got the impression Ben had influenced the planes crash somehow; or that he had a hand to play in a larger plan.

  • Zach

    i know alot of ppl who blame Ben for everything from The Other Women…

    I just dont see it personally…
    The line your referring to is when Juliet tells Ben a spinal surgeon is on the plane.. and he changes the subject to, “lets go for a walk.. i wanna show you something” (Goodwin’s body)

    I dont think Ben caused the plane crash… Bens alot of things.. but causing the crash.. i just dont see it… Fate and coincidence bringing Jack to Ben is more like it. The island is all about fate and coincidences and duty.. and doing things for the island.
    The island wouldnt let Micheal die.. remember.. not Ben.. the island…

    If a person caused it.. it was Jacob or whoever Jacob is