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Lost Spoilers – Ausiello’s Lost Hints for the Day

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Here are the latest hints from Ausiello:

About the “Spectacular Kiss” rumor floating around:

More like a “
spectacular kiss” — Damon Lindelof’s words, not mine. In the new issue of Lost magazine,
DL teased, “Romance is always blooming on and off the island. And I
hereby promise you one of the most spectacular kisses you’ve ever seen
on the show in this year’s finale.” Naturally, I pressed DL’s partner
in crime, Carlton Cuse, for further details on the earth-shattering
smooch, to which he replied, “I can disclose no more details other than
to say it’s one of my favorite moments of the whole series so far. And
contrary to some speculation, it
is a male/female kiss.” OK, so it’s not Mr. Friendly and his little Rent Boy. Who does that leave? Oh, right: Pretty much every other couple on the frakkin’ show! Damn you, Team Darlton!

About Claire’s safety:

The only thing I know for sure is that Claire is in significant danger in this season’s Episode 9.

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  • Kier

    Kate + Jack?

  • roomforhuman

    IMHO, the spectacular kiss will be between Penny and Desmond. We have been waiting for the reunion of these two since “Live Together, Die Alone,” and there is no other kiss I could see as more spectacular then a kiss between a couple that has not seen each other in a little over 2 bloody years.

  • Theory 156

    I agree with roomforhuman. Unless there is some crazy twist about this kiss, it seems only logical that it will be between Penny and Desmond. I mean, what other kiss could be so spectacular that Carlton would call it is one of his “favorite moments” of the series so far. So, barring any crazy lost twist, I think it is very safe to assume this kiss to be between Desmond and Penny.

  • themachine

    I think the kiss is going to be Des & Penny, or Jin & Sun, or its going to be between people we never would have thought of…. as for claire, i think she is afe, for now at least. i think she will just be a hostage.

  • james

    Claire and Ghost-Charlie. Definitely. you know, through time travel somehow.

  • milo

    While I think a kiss between Des and Penny would be the most spectacular, I suspect they’re overhyping it and it will turn out to be a far less spectacular kiss between someone like Jack and Kate.

    I think the Des/Penny reunion will be saved for the final season, if they do it now, what is left for later, and I can’t imagine a situation where the two are reunited but he doesn’t get off the island.

    Not particularly big spoilers from Mr. A, there seemed to be bigger stuff from Kristen – too big for me, I stopped reading after the first one.

  • Evan

    I agree – it’s gotta be Des and Penny. No doubt.

  • buffy

    While I agree that the only kiss I would deem “spectacular” at this point would HAVE to be Penny&Des, I further agree that it seems too soon for them to allow us something like that. They’ve dragged out their torturous love story for so long (and oooh it hurts so good to watch) that I can’t see them having any sort of conclusion so soon.

    I’m half convinced that Adam and Eve will end up being Penny&Des, rather than Jack&Kate. (blargh)

    So I’m *hoping* that its our star-crossed lovers (one of the best romances that I’ve seen on television – and they’ve hardly been on screen together!) but I have a feeling it will be something more like Sun and Jin kissing goodbye.

  • roomforhuman

    Okay, I’m now convinced that it will be Smokey and Juliet…remember the way she looked at it in “Left Behind.” And, btw, Kristen’s Spoilers were amazing. Check them out if you dare.

  • Jason

    A loving kiss of Claire and her baby! Think about it, she is alone, maybe hurt and knowing this will be the last time she can see or talk or hear her little boy (I have four kids myself so I can imagine the torture) and gives hime one more kiss before handing him off to Kate!
    I agree that Penny and Des would be a great kiss for the season end!

  • Woz06

    I’ve just been watching Season 1 again (as you do) the Sawyer & Kate kiss was pretty hot for a first kiss! What could be more spectacular than that?
    I vote for Hurley getting a turn at a bit of love action.
    [I just have a bad feeling if it’s a Des&Penny kiss – Lost will twist it around eg. they kiss, then she reveals she’s been Daddy’s no.1 all along – “Desmond, I’m one of the ‘bad guys'” – aaaaaah!]

  • boonesghost

    Sawyer and Hurley????

  • rob

    id love to see the des/penny thing go down. almost made me cry when he finally talked to her a few weeks ago. that would be good. spectacular huh? ben/juliet would be spectacular too, in the sense that we’d be like “oh s**t”! p.s. kill claire.

  • Liane

    If this has been mentioned in the threads before, I apologize for having missed it, but according to IMDB, it appears USA is bringing back the show Dead Like Me and our beloved Des, Henry Ian Cusick,b4bhci is listed as the star, his character replacing that of Mandy Patinkin. I am afraid this may mean a most excellent kiss between Pen and Des but maybe and end to that storyline altogether.

  • Liane

    Sorry about the garbage characters in the last message.