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LOST Spoilers! Brand New 5.03 and 5.04 Promo – Analyzed

By docarzt,

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Yet another promo for 5.03 and 5.04 has hit the web, this one has some glimpses into some pretty awesome moments.  Beware of spoilers.

For starters:

  • It looks like we get a nice well lit look at the interior of that off-island Dharma hatch.
  • Is John Locke in the Donkey Wheel room?  Is that how he leaves the island, and if so – does it set off a new round of time abnormalities?
  • Who is torturing John Locke? Or is it torture at all?
  • The time trippers are heading out to sea, could this be a return to alcatraz?

Okay, you’re up.  What do you notice?  Is that Richard trying to rescue one of his men from the clutches of Smokey? Great stuff!

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  • i wonder who is hurting locke :'(

    • Tyler Cheman aka Lostfan716

      it doesnt look like Sayid as i suspected when he told Hurley “They say it was suicide.”
      but idk if this is his death

  • Patrick

    It looks like there is something far off in the distance when they are on that canoe thing.

  • Rick

    i think they may be putting the stick in his mouth similar to what they did with boone when they set his leg .. since locke’s story revolves around his legs were paralyzed i wouldnt doubt it

    • i think the man with white shirt, seem to be a doctor but anyways i don’t want locke to be hurted :'( that’s all lol


    i agree with RICK..the promo wants you to beleive that he is being err but in actual fact its probably a pain diverter to bite on..i have one when my lady waxes me hahahahhaa

  • spinflip

    Poor Locke, first gets his legs paralyzed. Then they are smashed by the door in the hatch, then he gets shot in the leg. Now it seems there will be a very painful operation. And off the island, he dies.
    I mean, Sawyer was also wounded and got beaten up all the time, but he also got the most chicks. 😉

  • Calichsetts

    Looks like they are ducking from something in the canoe shot, maybe they are being chased and shot at or even the time shift about or just did happen

    • Rick

      they’re definately ducking and looking back if you watch the vid a couple times so i assume theyre being chased

  • Bezmina

    Could they be rescuing Jin from the sea? He so wasn’t on the deck of the freighter when he blew, I refuse to believe he is dead until I see a non reanimated body!

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