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LOST Spoilers – Catching Up With Jin

By docarzt,

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Jin is back!  Hold your tomatoes, that’s not the spoiler.  The spoiler is the answer to the question:  how long do we have to wait to find out what Jin has been up to for four episodes?  The answer is after this link:

beibvh081506-425Next week, Kim said, viewers will know exactly what happened to Jin after the freighter exploded and the island moved, causing its inhabitants to time travel.

“What everyone has been experiencing together jumping back and forth through time, Jin has been experiencing on his own,” Kim said. “We’re going to find out exactly what he’s been doing.”

Kim and the producers won’t say if or when a Jin-Sun reunion occurs, wrote executive producer Carlton Cuse in an e-mail to The Times.

“Obviously now that we know that Jin is alive, he is very anxious to find out what happened to Sun and he wants to find her — just as she wants to find him,” Cuse wrote. “What happens? We don’t want to spoil that for you.”

Source: The LA Times

  • imfromthepast

    I am assuming he is in sync with Locke and the others considering he washed ashore with the French Team and the Others (Lock and crew) found the French Team’s boat.

    As far as if he has been in sync with them since the FDW is another question.

    • Wally

      I don’t see why he wouldn’t be in sync with the rest of them, and always was. Daniel was when he was on the zodiac. My guess is that he thought he was hallucinating and/or losing consciousness when it would go from day to night to back to day. From his perspective floating on a piece of wreckage the ocean would all look the same

  • Dorkusbob

    He was most likely knocked out for most of the leaps, but one question I have: How LONG have the leaps taken, or how much time has gone on between leaps. If you look on a clock have the (I lost count) 7 or 8 leaps taken a few minutes, or has it been days? If it’s days then Jin shouldn’t have survived the blast, toss, and drifting in the open sea.

    And are they hoping for their leap home?

    • Dorkusbob

      Sorry, I just had to.

      • Ed Holden

        Perhaps they have to put right that once went wrong before they can leap. (“Gushie, have Ziggy get me all the information she can find about this mysterious island!”)

        Sorry, I now had to, too.

  • CelticFan96

    I wonder what percentage Ziggy gives the chance of Jin and Sun being reunited.

  • Dorkusbob

    Oh Boy.

    But seriously, how many leaps have there been and how much time has passed?