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Lost Spoilers – Doc’s Exclusive Kevin Johnson Hints *UPDATED

By docarzt,

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Tonight is the night!  Michaelpalooza comes to an end with the return of one of the original 815’rs.  But there are a lot of questions about how and why Michael has returned.  I have some hints to keep yourselves busy:

  • Michael’s reason for returning has to deal with something he wants to do personally, but cannot do away from the island.
  • Despite all of my hopes and dreams to the contrary, Michael is not a clone/duplicate/twin. 🙁
  • Michael is not being coerced to be there by Ben, but by the island itself.
  • An old face will reappear in a manner reminiscent of Charlie in the season 4 premiere, and (for me at least) raise some new questions about the incorporeals on the show.
  • Yes, yes… somebody dies… but TWO are shot.
  • My friend in Lost, Doc Jensen, teased that we would find out why Jack couldn’t jump in “Through the Looking Glass.”  I’d add that we also find out why he didn’t look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Socks

    I’m still hoping he just came back to get his wallet.

  • Steve Coleman

    Why would the island want him back? Does he need to finally redeem himself by saying sorry to those he betrayed?

    If they kill Desmond tonight, they have done the show a grave injustice. I want to see him and Penny reunited. However, if Widmore gives the order to kill him, it sets up perfectly the theme of troubled father relationships. This time being Penny and Charles. She then vows to undue the damage he has caused. Just a theory.

  • annand

    yes, yes somebody dies… but TWO are shot

    why do i get the feeling that this is going to be a ‘two have been shot, one is dead, find out who next month…. on lost’ moment

    that or the death will be fairly insignificant

  • mne

    “But you’ll ALSO learn why bearded Jack was unable to jump.”
    This info was on Doc Jensen column on the previous spoiler DocArzt posted (I hope I’m not infringing any spoiler rules on this site – it would be too bad to be banned in my first post :).
    Why Michael + the Oceanic 6 have to go back to the Island? To die? Because they were supposed to die in the crash. They are alive because of the Island. Hummm… and what about Ben?
    I guess Claire is one that gets shot. The first set up for the Aaron/Kate storyline.
    Thanks a lot for the hints, Doc!

  • dess

    I guess I missed this, but can anyone tell me where is the boat Libby gave to Desmond? Where is it? thanx

  • gusteaux

    The Others have The Elizabeth. They took it after Sun shot Collene (while Sayid and Jin were waiting on land to “trap” the Others. Sun jumped off and the Others sailed away with it.

  • Justin

    Dess, Des took the boat after he fled from the Swan. Jack, Sayid and Sawyer found the boat sailing around and went abord and found Des drunk inside. Then Sayid, Jin and Sun took the boat to circle around the island to find the Others camp. They docked it at the Pala Ferry when they were going to ambush the others when Sun was alone on it. The others drove off with it and Sun rolled out of it and fell in the ocean, so at this point we are assuming that The Others are in control of it. They havent said anything since then.

    DOC, is the update on the “why he didnt look both ways to cross the street” just a bad joke?

  • desmundo

    Hmmm, so does Jack know he cannot die and he’s just tempting Fate by jumping? God, I’m so stoked about this episode. I wish I could pull a Dez and jump forward through time and watch the show.

  • milo

    annand, it does sound like two characters may get shot and their fates will be a cliffhanger. When the strike was going on, Darlton did say that the end of 408 was a cliffhanger that could serve as a season finale but would probably annoy much of the audience. That would definitely fit.

    This also makes it sound like the “old face” appears as a ghost instead of in a flashback. Since it looks like the flashbacks will probably be to what happened to Michael after he left with walt, that would make sense.

  • DocArzt

    The update… not a bad joke. Just a better clue. 😉

  • El Prez

    Hey DOC!!
    Is the reason Jack didn’t look when crossing the road and why he couldn’t jump similar to Groundhog Day? Meaning that they CAN’T die back in the real world?

  • Justin

    OK Doc, excuse me if im reading way too much into this(but when arent lost fans reading way to much into everything.) Are you saying they will explain why Jack didnt look both ways before crossing the road to goto the funeral home? is there really an explanation? weird that they would talk about something like that……..

  • DocArzt

    Justin: It doesn’t address that directly, but you will KNOW why. 😉

  • milo

    Sounds like there will be some sort of wacky “course correction” thing where an event makes it clear to Jack that he can’t die, he’s not meant to die yet so the universe won’t let it happen. The opposite thing happened to Charlie, he kept avoiding death, but since he was meant to die it had to happen eventually.

    The Charlie thing is like the movie Final Destination and for Jack the reverse of it.

    Trippy stuff if they end up going that route.

  • mina

    wait – were there two deaths or just two shot? is one of them possibly still alive?

  • surly

    After watching the episode: Michael was not able to kill himself (by car crash or by gun) because THE ISLAND would not let him–because he still “has work to do” (per Mr Friendly’s explanation). Stands to reason, then, that Jack is unable to jump (or die in any way, shape, or form) because the island won’t let him. This reasoning could be extended, then, to explain why Ben’s bullet didn’t kill Locke (who was specifically told he still has work to do)…and why nothing seemed to kill Patchy. And, hopefully, why Rousseau isn’t dead either! I can’t imagine Karl still has work to do… But I could be wrong. Maybe I (like Ben) underestimate Karl.

  • SithLord

    I think they can’t die, because everything thats happening, including Jacks further most flash forward, is still a flashback. SOMEONE is trying to change the past, but it keeps course correcting, and the poor losties are caught right in the middle, or past, and rightly being driven crazy.
    If Jack knows that he’s still alive in the future, then has he made contact with this someone, or is he having flashes from the future, like Desmond did? The someone is probably “Jacob”, but who is he, and why is he trying to change the past…………….?

  • Dominick

    What a great ironic twist that Sayid (who we know will someday be working for Ben) was the one who revealed Michael to the captain, calling Michael “a traitor”.
    I’m guessing Sayid eventually comes under the employ of Ben as penance for killing or being responsible for the death of Michael (and maybe others) just as Michael became a pawn for Ben as penance for his island sins.

  • DDhume

    let’s not forget, when Locke was ready to die in the pit of dead Dharma people, Walt appeared and told him he had work to do..

  • DDHume


    sorry to have repeated part of your theory, didn’t see it.

    But, wasn’t Locke reaching for a gun in the pit (presumably to kill himself) when Walt appeared? I think Ben could have killed Locke, but the healing powers of the island saved him in that instance, but Locke was specifically interrupting when contemplating suicide..

  • milo

    I don’t agree that this episode showed why Jack couldn’t jump. We don’t even know that he couldn’t jump, he could have just changed his mind or been distracted by the crash. Sure, it’s a possibility, but it seems a bit silly to start giving “course correction” credit for things that happen on the show without real evidence for it.

  • erikau

    Mile, I think the crash IS the course correction. There are no coincidences on Lost. A crash happening to distract Jask as he was about to jump off a bridge is too convenient.

  • milo

    That’s possible, but there’s nothing to support that beyond speculation at this point. After this episode, are we really going to interpret every close call as “course correction”? I think it’s great speculation/theory, but it’s going a bit far to say that last night’s episode explained why he didn’t (couldn’t?) jump.

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