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Lost Spoilers – Easter Eggs From The Future

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Thumbnail image for claire-cabin-fever.jpgThanks to ODI at DarkUFO for this find.  Here is a closer look using the maximum resolution promo pic.  It appears Claire, Aaronless, is hanging out at Jacob’s cabin.

It is important to point out one more possibility:  the onset promo pics sometimes catch crew members that would normally be completely out of frame.  This looks like Claire, without a doubt, but that is a possibility.

The big question is:  how does Claire get back together with Locke?  And what happened to Aaron?

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  • Trev

    What if it’s not Claire? What if it was Libby?

  • John

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks a little tubby? Is it just the angle, or it this “Pregnant Claire”?

  • rob

    could also be bens mom, yeah? if it is claire, would that imply that shes dead? maybe locke doesnt see her like he didnt see jacob or something along those lines (3rd person in cabin?)? crossing my fingers claires DEAD, woot woot!

  • CJ

    Looks less like Claire to me when it’s blown up…I didn’t even notice her there when i first looked thru those pics….good find.

  • TW

    It probably is Claire. However, let’s remember that they have filmed scenes in the past where current actors sit in certain chairs, but later the scene is changed to insert a different person. Think Hugo sitting in Jacob’s chair, but then having him replaced by Jack’s father …

  • Z

    I thought it also looked like a pregnant woman. Claire? Libby? Ben-Mamma? Not sure.

  • James

    I think it looks more like a Virgin Mary….

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