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Lost Spoilers – Episode 4.03 “The Economist”

By docarzt,

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This week is “The Economist,”  and the last thing we want after “Confirmed Dead” is for the show to go all conservative on us.  So what goodies does “The Economist” hold?

  • A secret room that may reveal a thing or two about Ben Linus.
  • An understated piece of jewelry that is bound to reappear.
  • An off island alliance that is going to stun and shock you.

For some awesome spoiler PICS that detail this a little farther, check out my writeup on the LOST show guide:

  • Marc

    I don’t see any pics when I click the link

  • Jonhe

    I don´t know if it will be a sayid centric episode or not (I have scrolled down here first), but without any intention to be offensive, I would ask you not to put any kind of clue in the main-page items. I really want to be unspoiled. Thanks.

  • james

    what happened to the no spoiler policy *sigh* another site I’ll have to stop visiting.Are there any lost sites that dont have spoilers?

  • Mick

    Why is it so hard to find these Lost Spoiler Pics ? Where are they? I don’t see them when I clicked it.

  • Rayray

    JAMES- Well, he DID say that the link contained spoilers, so if you didn’t see that it’s not really Doc’s fault…

    DOC- TWO, not “too”
    REAPPEAR, not “reapper”

    Spell check my friend….

  • docarzt

    Lol, what can I say RayRay… I was excited. 😉 Thanks for the catch.

  • preztige

    so naomi and sayid knew each other before the island. why doesnt sayid say anything?