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LOST SPOILERS – EW’s Jeff Jensen Goes Behind the Scenes of LOST 5.12

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Jeff Jensen has crafted some truly intriguing teases out of his recent visit to the set.  Suffice to say, what Jeff is hinting at here seems to suggest a game changer.  Read on.

feb132009_1034_lgAcross the street from a neatly tended cemetery on the island of Oahu, there is a gated lot where the past, present, and future of Lost all come together. The Others’ submarine, Henry Gale’s hot-air balloon, Locke’s outrigger — all beached on the grass like so many Black Rock shipwrecks. And inside a large soundstage, hidden away from prying eyes, Lost‘s iconic castaways are huddled on a top secret set, trying very hard not to totally spaz out. The action being shot for the year’s 12th episode is almost spoilerifically indescribable, but we can report — perhaps to your great relief — that most of the gang is back on the Island after an early sweep of time-travel episodes that kept many of them separated by distance and history. Jack (Matthew Fox) sits tense and terse, dressed as…uh…can’t say. Sawyer (Josh Holloway) bursts through a door, freaking out over…someone. Someone who is bleeding. A lot. As Kate (Evangeline Lilly) eyeballs both her men, trying as always to decide between them, psychic hustler Miles Straume (Ken Leung) cradles a shotgun while fretting about — and we think we’re getting this right — the catastrophic collapse of the space-time continuum! (Or maybe he said ”the economy.” Same difference, though, right?)

Read the rest here at EW.

  • Dolce

    I read this yesterday. Great article.

  • Dorkusbob

    I got it also, and i really hate when a photo (if you see it you’ll know) has no spoiler warning.

    A quick glance isn’t so bad, but I dug through some photos of mine and saw a close relative with the same shirt as Kate.

  • docarzt

    What photo are you talking about Dorkusbob? There were no spoiler pics in the piece, and the EW pic is from a private shoot, not from the show.

    • Dorkusbob

      I have the mag, page 27. You’re telling me that EW didn’t give out spoils with that photo of Kate, Jack, Hurley and the out of focus long hair in Othersville with a few Dharma busses?

      • what do you mean about the out of focus long hair in otherville
        sorry i’m french so i don’t get it
        well dorkusbob, it’s the risk on magazine you know. in france for example recently they put article about twilight and they put details of the movie (it was on december and we got the movie on january) so i said to my friend be careful with the mag but it’s always a risk, you can’t blame them 😉

  • ok i got it i saw the scan i know what you meant^^

  • Dorkusbob

    BTW, sorry if I spoiled it for anybody else. I was hoping that Dr. A would remove my details of the photo.

    • if people read article they got it you know and we got some spoilers already 😉

  • docarzt

    Well it is a spoiler thread, so your safe. Didn’t see the print article thought dorkus, that is why I was confused.

  • Mrs. Alpert

    since we’re in the spoiler thread, could someone scan the photo you’re all talking about, please?