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By docarzt,

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jackbeardlost.jpgDid you think the news flow was going to slow down just because of the hiatus?  Well think again!  It’s just starting, and we have a few interesting rumors to share with you down below:

4.09 – The Shape of Things To Come

Ryan in Hawaii ( let me know that filming wrapped today on Police Beach.  This means we will see the beachies, as well as camp Locke.

There are some rumors from a reputable source that GI Jack (aka Through the Looking Glass Jack) was in action.  Is The Shape of Things To Come a multi-character flash forward?  (Ryan’s info does not corroborate this rumor.)

Locations used for The Shape of Things to Come:  Papailoa (Police Beach AKA Camp Jack), Camp Erdman (Otherton, Camp Locke), Heeia Kea (The forested valley where Karl was shot), Honolulu Community College (Iraq), and Diamond Head for the Otherton interiors and anything secret they may have filmed.  Altogether they filmed two solid days on the Iraq set, and another day for pick ups.  Definitely enough footage to cover the flash segment, throwing the GI Jack rumor under the shadow of doubt. (Thanks Ryan, again!)

4.10 – Untitled

Dominic Monaghan suggested that 4.10 is a Kate Centric episode.

4.10 Is being shot tomorrow(ish) and there is a TON of interior shooting going on at Diamond Head Studio (thanks, Ryan, again.)   I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that 4.10 is going to show us the interior of “The Orchid.”  But that’s nothing more than a guess at this point.

BEYOND:  There is a nasty nasty rumor floating around that there will NOT be a Sawyer centric episode this season.  That just doesn’t seem right.


  • Matt

    Oh great a Kate episode sounds great… there have been an astounding 0 kates episodes that have been any good what so ever. I’m hoping a rumor is true on DarkUfo that there will be a Ben episode that is a pre-purge flash back where he meets Jacob and then a Locke one where he and Ben go to meet Alpert and the other others.

  • robert

    All the rumors so far hint that episode 4:09 is a Sayid flashforward. Maybe Sayid meets up with future Jack at some point when he’s not taking orders from Ben.

  • Samfishercell

    Damon and Carlton promised to put “pedal to the metal” as far at the plot development in the back 5…

    I do not see how that can possibly include Kate. I am SO bored by her storyline.

  • SithLord

    So what 5 characters get the last centric episodes? My guess is:
    Sayid, Kate, Ben, Locke, Jack.

  • David

    Kate-centric might just as easily mean Aaron-centric under the guise of a Kate episode, since it seems their storyline is now intertwined in the future. Now that is a storyline I care about.

  • Yoli

    Doc, Dom is not the source for the specualtion that 410 is Kate centric. Kristin from E! went to a photo exhibit of Dom’s where she met Evangeline Lilly. Kristin says Evie told her she would have another FF, but there is no direct quote from EL. So, we really don’t know what words were used. It could be that Evie meant she had more FF scenes (in someone else’s centric) and Kristin misinterpreted the info.

  • PJ

    There does seem to be some controversy over the source of the Kate-centric spoiler. Doc, can you tell us how you know this info came from Dom? Like Yoli, I only heard Kristin report it and she is often not a reliable source. If Dom said it he would know.

  • KetchupFreak

    Yeah, I don’t think Dom is the source of that info. Kristin interviewed him the night before his show opened. She said she saw Evi while she was interviewing him, so I guess she was there as well. Kristin said she heard episode 10 may be Kate centric, but she never indicated who told her that info, or if it even came from Dom or Evi.

  • docarzt

    Trust me: Dom IS the source of this information.

  • graham

    If I see much more about Locke and Sawyer on the next episodes , I don’t care if one my favourite characters haven’t got a fb this season, but it’s not fair!!! I suppose that I’ll have to wait for the next season to have a non Oceanic6 flashforward!

  • danielle

    I’m lost in translation.
    With your last line about the rumour, are you saying that the rumour seems fake??
    That will be great for me because I would like to have a Sawyer centric this season.

  • DocArzt

    Danielle: Well, it doesn’t seem right to me. A Sawyerless season we already have, practically. Without a juicy Sawyer-centric piece we’ll be dying

  • UMMO

    Seek out THE UMMO LETTERS.

  • danielle

    Thanks for your quick answer!
    And yes, with so little from Sawyer it’s been like a diet season for me (and not only for Sawyer,Ben is missing too). At least with the last trailer I suppose that I’ll see a lot of action in camp’s Locke in the next episodes.

  • danielle

    I meant Locke, not Ben.

  • @graham

    Didn’t the producers say that not every episode is going to be a flash forward this season? I’m sure we will get a Sawyer or Locke episode. I’d be happy with either a flashback or a flashforward in those cases.

  • graham

    @Meekay: But we have only 5 more episodes, so I think that they will sacrifice the flashbacks.

  • Silvertouch

    As I see it, 4.09 is likely Sayid-centric. Look at all of the ff so far, starting with TTLG, then BotE, The Economist, Eggtown, and finally Ji Yeon. They’ve taken place in reverse order. Each FF takes place closer and closer to the present. I believe that 4.09 will reveal Sayid coming to work for Ben, and his first operation, where he lets his “heart get in the way” or whatever. If that trend continues, I expect that the Season finale will be Oceanic 6-centric, and focus on them getting off of the island. Perhaps there won’t even be flashes – perhaps the finale will be a balance point between the ff and the present. Or maybe the present will be them getting on the freighter and the ff will be them getting off back home.

    We’re likely not getting a Locke/Sawyer-centric episode this season, simply because TPTB have said that though they aren’t done with Flashbacks, they are done with flashbacks which arent’ linked directly to the mythology of the show, and right now Locke and Sawyer’s past don’t really have anything to do with the mythology of the show. However, I’d expect them to figure prominently in Season 5.

    I suspect, on the other hand, that there will be a Ben-centric episode coming up soon, perhaps dealing with Annie. So my predictions look maybe a little like this:

    4.09 – Sayid-centric – FF – Deals with Ben mysteriously contacting Sayid, and Sayid starting to work for Ben. Sayid kills somebody but the operations goes wrong when he lets his heart get in the way.

    4.10 – Kate-centric – FF – Flashes deal with Kate getting used to life after the island, and her relationship with Aaron. This has yet to be developed, but likely will be explored in an episode this season.

    4.11 – Ben-centric – FB – The only remaining S4 flashback, we get more of a look at Dharma during Ben’s time as a janitor, as well as what happened to Annie and why she’s no longer around.

    4.12 – Oceanic Six-centric – FF – Part one of Season Finale. In present we see O6 starting off on the path that will see them getting onto the freighter. In FF we see them on the freighter as they approach dry land, reflecting on what has happened on the island.

    4.13 – Oceanic Six-centric – FF – Part two of Season Finale. In present we see paths of O6 as they eventually get onto the freighter and the “war” comes to a head. In FF we see them getting off of the freighter and going back to their lives.

  • SithLord

    I dont think reflecting on the freighter is a very exciting plotline for a season finale. I imagine there will be a new element to the story introduced, that we cant foresee, and that will kickstart season five.
    The writers have said that next season will be about “why” the O6 have to go back to the island. What does that mean……………….?
    I guess we’ll see.