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Lost Spoilers – Finale Reveals about O6 from LA Times

By ErasedSlate,

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jackandkatesad.jpgThe LA Times posted an article today entitled “Lost: Better bring a hanky to the season finale” which had a few reveals. Of note is the following excerpt:


The Oceanic Six are on board, looking quite well dressed and still in a state of shock. In shock about what? They never quite say, of course. But their conversation confirms the season-long suspicion about how the rescued have handled the tricky subject of the fates of their fellow castaways.


Then, in another one of those classic “Lost” musical passages, the plane lands at a military base “just west of Honolulu,” and we finally get to see Hurley reunited with his mother and father. Sun hugs her parents (the no-nonsense Mr. Paik actually made the trip). Jack is fawned over by his mother. But what makes the moment really special is seeing Hurley bring Sayid over to meet his family. And then there’s Kate holding Aaron. Kate is there all alone.



  • theMachine

    I knew it was an Oceanic PR person saying that in the promo!!! I was saying that to myself the other day when I was watching. I don’t know why I did, but I think its bc what i was studying in school that day… Finally got something right about this show!!

  • steve

    We all know why there in shock. Its because of the lies there about to say about what really happened. Hint look at jack the whole time. Hes himself wanting to represent the whole group. His motions are quite odd to. Like he wants to lie. But no one else wants to