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Lost Spoilers (Foilers?) – LF108 Revealed! Was He Right?

By docarzt,

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Animal_Poop.jpgWell… I figured, why not deliver the assessment on the veracity of LF108’s claims in the same method they were delivered to us.  LF108 has a lot of people talking down about the finale and the surprises in store, but was he right?   Did LF108 really summarize all two hours into what he considers to be a lame little sequence of simple events?  Do you really want to know?  And I warn you right here and right now.  If you spread these foilers out where people can see them, I’ll whack you over the head with a tub of Hurley’s Ranch dressing.  The last thing we need is hot dis-information like this getting around.

Remember. What I do now I do for your own protection. I don’t want you accidentally stumbling into a forum thread or blog comment posting Friday and finding out that Losfan108… well… do you? Do you REALLY want to know?

Well, obviously I fell victim to ABC’s successful foiler campaign. But, yeah… Asshat108… I didn’t see the scene about needing to resurrect Locke… amongst other things. What happened to those?

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  Comments: 125

  1. I leave the rest – as it should be – to your imagination.

  2. doc, u sir are my new favorite person, u are the man for revealing this tonight, the way u did, thank u, u made my night

  3. Do You Really Want To Know?….LostFan108 is an asshat


    This video alone just made me 10x more excited for the finale, not that I was expecting it to be bad from LF108, but now it’s like I never read that thing!

  4. I bet LF108 got fired sometime within the last year, found out tidbits of the finale from a buddy still working with the show, and just made stuff up to fill in the blanks. The equivalent of spitting in someone’s burger at McDonald’s…which is probably where LF108 works part-time now. We’ll know for sure if a youtube video surfaces that paints a bland portrait of the hamburgler’s next mis-adventure.

  5. You rock, Doc. Also, gotta say I’m glad about who’s not in the Box. (Now i just hope it’s not Desmond either, brotha!)
    Thankfully, I’ve had more willpower this time ’round after going that one spoiler too far in S.3 and regretting it.

  6. DOC YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD! I don’t know whether to believe you or not, because I read LF108 and it seemed convincing enough…HOWEVER, either way, you just created a universe in which I am not sure whether or not what I know about the finale is true or not. That restores the excitement! well done!

  7. This is the happiest news I have ever heard, dude, you send me a adress and I’ll mail you a case of beer, in four years, cause that’s when I turn twentyone, lol

    But Golly, that is great freaking news, to be honest I thought you were going to put one of those scary pop ups in the computer, thank’s for not doing that, I don’t have that good of a heart.

  8. I pray to God almighty this is true, as I’m the biggest John Locke fan in this universe and he is the glue that binds this show together. But somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if LF08 turned out to be dead on.
    Though I do have to say, the frozen wheel reveal LF08 alluded to was pathetic.

  9. I love Locke but if it’s Michael in the coffin, I’ll be more disappointed and never watch Lost again. It would be one of the lamest answers (there a lot of them) given in Lost.

  10. Ah man, I’m really glad about it. Not really because of THAT spoiler you mention in particular… I’m more concerned about the “frozen donkey wheel” twist he put up.
    But now I got hope. Thanks, Doc!

  11. that was disturbing : P

  12. franklapidusandhisroflcopter

    lostfan108 never said s/he was summarizing the entire episode. s/he only threw a few points out there to tantalize us and i’m glad for it. it was like methadone compared to the heroin that complete spoilers is and kept us entertained for a while while we waited for tonight. and if s/he was wrong about who was in the coffin, it’s probably because there were multiple versions of that scene filmed. i really don’t get all the hostility.

  13. This is far from spoiler. Anyone who has read the obituary Jack was holding would never believe that Locke was in the coffin.

  14. Hostility? Maybe because LF108 in the process of watering down the episode and giving (possibly) false information, caused a bunch of people to start flaming the finale. I don’t consider it hostility. Tit-for-tat, is more like it.

  15. This is awesome! I have totally avoided the spoilers for this year after it ruined last year’s finale for me. I was actually very nervous to even watch this video because I was worried it would give away some info.

    This show is good enough that it deserves to be seen as it was written to be seen. Last year I read a lot of the episode synopses before the episodes aired and I didn’t even realize how much it was ruining it for me until I talked to another fan who doesn’t use the internet. When I saw how shocked and amazed she was by all of the twists and turns and mysteries and answers I realized how much reading the spoilers had ruined the show for me.

    My hat goes off to you Doc… If I can just hold out for 9 more hours I will be good. I think I will maybe stop reading all Lost stuff on the internet to make sure I don’t accidentally read a spoiler.

    I think “Asshat” will be my word of the day.

  16. Doc, you just made my day thanks for proving the asshat wrong.

  17. I dont no if to beleave doc or not i hope he aint just teaseing us and it really isnt john locke in the coffin. But the more you think about it the more it makes sense to be locke

  18. Hahahah seeing lostfan108 getting pwned brings me pleasure. By the way Doc how do you know this? Did you see the episdoe? Or is this coming from someone else.

  19. Funny how everyone is so happy about this without actually knowing who’s in the coffin. Just goes to show some people shouldn’t read spoilers. Like last year everyone read them, regretted it and then started praying for them to not to be true. I mean the person in the coffin could turn out to be Sawyer, will everyone be okay with that?

    Personally I was quite happy with it being Locke. Despite what some people say it made perfect sense, especially when you consider Jack’s emotional reaction to the news. Michael or Ben would fit too but it’s just more interesting for it to be Locke imo. But now I’m worried that the writers changed who it is in response to the leak.

  20. @sprofessor : My hunch is they did change it after the leak. Michael Emerson said that three different scenes were shot and the producers wouldn’t decide which one to use until the final editing which was done a half a week after lostfan108’s post.

  21. Wow, maybe next time you could make a 3 minute video just to tell us somebody was wrong about ONE piece of information.

  22. matt, if they changed it after the leak, that means it has no effect on the story which I hate. That’s the thing I hate about Lost. Changes made according to fan reaction. The one thing I expect from Lost is to make everything meaningful. If it’s to be Locke, it should be Locke. Internet fandom should not be the owner of the show. Surprising or satisfying obsessive internet fans shouldn’t be their priority.

  23. matt, if they changed it after the leak, that means it has no effect on the story which I hate. That’s the thing I hate about Lost. Changes made according to fan reaction. The one thing I expect from Lost is to make everything meaningful. If it’s to be Locke, it should be Locke. Internet fandom should not be the owner of the show. Surprising or satisfying obsessive internet fans shouldn’t be their priority.

  24. Wow. I’m way too invested in Lost because I’m nearly throwing up with… joy? anxiety that you, too, may have been foiled somehow?

    The only spoiler I cared about, and the only one I had another fan PM me about after LF108’s synopsis was posted over at Dark, was whether or not one person in particular was in the coffin. When my friend told me that indeed he was, I was devastated but then reconciled myself to it, because it really made sense from a narrative (leaving aside how he would get off the island, which is really up for grabs at this point) and more importantly a symbolic standpoint–I kind of figured the whole show revolved around him, so the timeline pivoting around his death worked for me; and the resurrection thing, as stupid as it sounded, would be, I thought, awesome in context…probably.

    Now you say that it was what…a deliberate foiler? An error? Maybe tptb identified LF108 and fed him/her false info or an alternate edit? Maybe this year’s LF108 is not in fact the same as last year’s (the format of the spoiler was not the same, after all)–maybe this bears up my half-joking assertion that Darlton inflicted these foilers upon us: that the wheel is the wheel of spoiler info, that they have deliberately frozen the wheel, and that we spoiler-obsessed fans are the donkeys! That’s my fave theory.

    Wow, Doc, I’m really shaken up now, and convinced that ANYTHING could happen tonight…and so unpoiled, I feel like a virgin, touched for the very first time. Thanks!…I think…

  25. I unfortunately had someone tell me the rumor of the person in the casket which really really bummed me out. I lost interest in lost for a moment. This renewed my interests for tonight.

  26. Doc, if you are right about this then you will have simultaneously restored my faith in TPTB and taught me a lesson about believing what I read.

    I just hope you’re not tring to ‘unspoil’ people by raising doubts about something that may be correct.

    In any case, kudos on both your style and timing.

  27. “I love Locke but if it’s Michael in the coffin, I’ll be more disappointed and never watch Lost again. It would be one of the lamest answers (there a lot of them) given in Lost.”

    I’ve always thought it was Michael. But what if the shock isn’t who’s in the coffin, it’s HOW they died. What if Hurley kills Michael? He’s got motive, he’s not in a very good state of mind, and he’s seeing dead people that tell him to do things.

    When we saw Jack’s reaction to the death, we assumed he was upset because of WHO had died. But it might not be exclusively for the deceased, it could have been because he he knew Hurley had killed him. That would be pretty shocking, I think. Do you think Hurley, even future-crazy Hurley could ever kill anyone?

  28. The Island has called Michael back, he couldn’t kill himself off-island as Michael dying on the freighter seems like a more logical end to his story. Him being in the coffin doesn’t make sense to me. If it’s not Locke, then it’s Ben

  29. Doc, you’re beautiful.
    But you HAVE actually SEEN the episode right? (It looks like I just slipped into MiSFiT speak.)
    People are doubting me when I tell them what you’ve just posted.

  30. Question needs to asked again:

    Doc, you HAVE actually SEEN the episode right?

  31. Thanks Doc…I dont think Locke ever even fit in that spot to begin with. I think its gonna be Ben, but he’s not gonna be in the coffin…thats my take

  32. Its either Locke or Ben only 2 people it makes sense to be really hope Doc is right and its turns out not to be Locke as he is great would be really disappointed if TPTB decided to kill him off.

  33. LostFan109: The obituary is gonna be remade.. duh… its a prop only… the average viewer wasnt meant to read it…

  34. hey Doc.. no sources? is this your opinion.. or a leak from a source?
    I dont mind either way.. just interesting to know

    Remember if him dieing and being in the coffin is true, then so is him being resurrected.. He wont be gone long…just thru season 5 only.

    but now.. im officially on the fence… and i guess that gives the episode back the excitement i lost when i spoiled it for myself. So thanks for restoring my hope in the unknown..

  35. Why do you all keep saying that it makes sense for Locke to be in the coffin.
    I’d like to see even one plausible shred of evidence that would support this.
    That obituary doesn’t count. Like Zach said, it was just a placeholder. (taken from a real-life paper)

    And even if I’m wrong about the obituary, upon reading it, it seems to be describing Michael, if anything?

    Wtf? Where are you weirdos coming from with this Locke/coffin stuff? Can anyone clarify?

  36. Ever wonder if maybe you got punked, Doc…?

  37. Wow, apologies for the horrible grammar and punctuation.

  38. It makes sense because of the way Jack reacted to the obit (he feels suicidally guilty for leaving the island, and Locke is the one who specifically predicted how he’d feel–he knows he was wrong and Locke was right all along); it makes sense because of the way Kate reacted when Jack asked if she was going to the funeral (she had total distaste for Locke and wasn’t privy to his predictions, and has no guilt for leaving); the location makes sense because Locke lived in CA before the crash; the lack of attendees makes sense because Locke had no family and few friends; if there are any details of the obit prop we can rely on, the suicide aspect makes sense because one can assume Locke would be suicidal off the island; and though farfetched, the “resurrection” angle makes sense in light of Locke’s “chosen one” foreshadowing and general messianic complex.

    So yes, it makes sense. We don’t yet know how many people leave the island over the course of the two/three years between the “rescue” and the “funeral.” Ben certainly seems to leave the island at will. Why not Locke?

    I’m hoping against all hope Arzt is right about LostFan108 being wrong though, b/c Locke dead in an LA ghetto, possibly of a suicide, with no one to mourn him, goes way against my assumption that he’ll eventually triumph on the island. Of course, even if he is in the coffin, there’s that crazy resurrection thing to consider.

  39. Ok, those are all really valid points. I guess that after the initial coffin scene, I had totally dismissed Locke as being the corpse because it makes absolutely no narrative sense to me. I’m a disciple of the Merlboro Man in that I believe that what we’re witnessing on Lost is a form of the Hero’s Journey. And Locke is one of, if not the main hero of the story. He still has a long way to go before he attains what he’s looking for or dies trying. Watching this season I am even more convinced of this. No possible way that it’s Locke.

  40. I adhere to Marlboro Man’s hero theory too. The points I outlined here were the ones I came up with to help me make sense of the spoiler. And there’s nothing like a hero who conquers death by…entering the land of the dead and then coming back from it. So it doesn’t really go against Marlboro’s theory. It’s not like Locke being in the coffin is the end of Locke, esp. if Ben really wants to take him back to the island to “resurrect” him.

    That last item does seem too far fetched to me, though, even for Lost. So I’m cautiously optimistic that Arzt is right and this was a foiler, no matter how it originated.

  41. I love spoilers.. I don’t care who is right or wrong.. I’m a true fan of lost and nobody can’t tell me I’m not. I hope the next year Darkufo release the lostfan108 spoilers if he has the opportunity
    Respect all the people who wants to read the synopsis… they are as true fan as you are…

  42. @SURLY


    maybe this bears up my half-joking assertion that Darlton inflicted these foilers upon us: that the wheel is the wheel of spoiler info, that they have deliberately frozen the wheel, and that we spoiler-obsessed fans are the donkeys! That’s my fave theory.



  43. Wow, looks like The person in the coffin isn’t the only thing lostfan108 got wrong. This is airing in Eastern Canada. pwnt=lostfan108

  44. Well apparently you’re a liar.

  45. Doc, I must say you’re an unreliable source. I won’t come to your site again.

  46. Cue patronising explanation about why this was necessary.

  47. Your site should be taken down. I am so pissed off at you for being such a lying bastard, and for getting my hopes up. Thanks to you I am now not looking forward to the finale. You’re a gobshite.

  48. wow, good luck with the fallout. This was a really stupid idea – way to ruin your cred 🙂

  49. Doc was it necessary to lie to us? It seems clear who is in the coffin….thanks alot Doc….got my hopes up….

  50. What an ass Doc Arzt is – What a sad attempt at trying to get site hits. SAD SAD SAD!

  51. franklapidusandhisroflcopter

    ROFL. What a tool you are, my friend. I hope no one buys your ghostwritten book or donates to your site again. What a pathetic attention whore you are. Probably a virgin, too.

  52. you stooped to a low level. I think by doing this you lose a lot of your cred and i hope you do. I for one will not be back to this site. Way to lose a lot of loyal fans to your site…

  53. Damn, man. You got my hopes up that Locke would be just fine, only to dash them. And I guess you’re the asshat, not Lostfan08, eh?

  54. Umm LOL!

  55. damn…ya got owned there doc

    i kinda understand where you’re coming from (unless it’s just for site hits)

    if you really love the show i guess i can understand why you’d claim lostfan’s spoiler as being a foiler…but damn man, all your cred basically just died, with 2 seasons still to go

    it’s like you decided to shoot your wad in the 3rd qtr….bad gameplan son

  56. Well folks… it was not a ‘lie’, it all comes from information I suspect will be explained by the alternate endings. But who knows. I mean dark mis-reported the oceanic 6 (amongst other things)… it’s not like spoilers are an exact science.

  57. Doc, sorry to say that I am very disappointed in you. There was no reason to do what you have done. You gave people false hope and now LOST your cred. Hope you have a good reason for all this.

  58. Jennifer at UAF

    You’re horrible. I won’t be coming back here. DARKUFO all the way. You’re pathetic. Its clear he only did this for ad rev. What a prat. Why would you do this? There’s literally no excuse for this. I hope all your credit is ruined.

  59. Besides… don’t be quick to reject the spoilers here out of hand. The asterix puzzles from yesterday both were dead on, right? Christian appeared on the freighter… AND the Desmond/Penny kiss.

  60. You suck.

  61. Nah… if I was doing it for the ad rev I would have just run LF’s stuff to begin with, right? I got pwnd. Happens to the best of us. Has happened A LOT to Dark in the past. He’d admit it.

  62. [quote]
    I mean dark mis-reported the oceanic 6 (amongst other things)… it’s not like spoilers are an exact science.

    Doc, thats not really the same thing as saying you KNOW that Locke isn’t in the coffin… I mean, the 06 had the whole season to be explained, but you called someone “an asshat” over this, and you should apologize for that. YOU sir, are the asshat, and have lost a bunch of cred over this.

    It’s all in HOW you release the information, dude. Good luck with the fallout.

  63. Well… whether he is right or wrong, Lf108 IS an asshat for spoiling the episode. But hey, I’ll wear my pwnage with pride. It isn’t the first time info has not worked out, and it won’t be the last I’m sure.

  64. ONE WORD:


  65. This incident was definitely marketed as a definite and not spoiler speculation. Dark always makes it clear that the spoilers he presents have a possibility of being untrue.

  66. Hey Doc
    Wanna say first time i stumbled across your site today. I normally go to Darkufo. I had read the spoilers and your video did get my hope up that lostfan108 was wrong. Guess he wasn’t.
    I’m not gonna sit here and say that you are an ass or anything like that. Michael emerson even said they filmed 4 versions of the coffin scene so who knows. I guess it’s not easy for you guys with spoilers. So i’m just gonna say unlucky dude and hope things dont get to nasty on here

  67. Yeah Locke_fan. I’m guessing one of the alternate endings will feature what I expected to see. The bottom line is, the post wasn’t made to deceive anyone, anymore than any of Dark’s are or anyone else’s.

  68. Well yikes!

    I hope this doesn’t effect your book sales!!!!


  69. Doc, who did you think was in the coffin?

  70. @ DOC:

    AND I QUOTE: “Nah… if I was doing it for the ad rev I would have just run LF’s stuff to begin with, right? I got pwnd. Happens to the best of us. Has happened A LOT to Dark in the past. He’d admit it.”


    It’s one thing to speculate/agree or disagree, but you went all out here and flat out said “John Locke is NOT in the coffin” Way to go dude.

  71. Doc can we ask what you saw that led you to post your video. Did you see a script or a version of the episode. I’m just a little intriuged??

  72. Doc can we ask what you saw that led you to post your video. Did you see a script or a version of the episode. I’m just a little intriuged??

  73. I’ve been a regular reader of your site for the past two seasons, Doc (going back to your old site before BuddyTV took over.) But this stunt was lame, mi amigo… very lame.

    Yes, LF108 is an asshat. I’d lump Dark into that category too. It’s just a shame you did this today. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am very disappointed.

  74. Hey Doc, thanks for replying to us.

    What did you see, exactly? Locke is the only one that really makes sense. Didn’t Foxy spill that last summer as well?

  75. Don’t worry Doc just give everyone time to cool off. Everyone needs to give Doc a break. If you’re mad because Locke is in the coffin, as I am, after a bit you’ll realize that its not Doc’s fault Locke is in the coffin…I’m mad at the producers for putting Locke in the coffin. Doc has devoted so much to giving us more info on our favorite show, the least you could do is not resort to name calling. The man just gave us 6 new previews the other day….no other site did that except for ones that used Doc’s video. You should be mad at yourselves (as I am) for spoiler yourself in the first place…and Darlton for killing off Johnny

  76. So the whole story is this. I was exchanging intel with a few writers for the big boy mags. We’ve been discussing the LF108 stuff for weeks mostly because some of his descriptions were so far off from what was known to have been filmed.

    I passed along the Locke intel to one of these writers (I won’t name names, but you know who he is) and that person had contact with someone who had viewed it that said no way, it was not locke and had a completely different description of that scene (I hope we will see that tomorrow morning, and if not… well then he was just totally wrong.)

    A friend who works for an affiliate saw the episode and told me that the scene was not in it AT ALL. Interesting stuff.

    So there may have been a disinformation campaign going on, which wouldn’t be new, and if anything that clearly puts lf108 further up the food chain than most would suspect.

    As for the impact on book sales. It’s not a spoiler book. So don’t worry. It is, however, a book written with input from numerous cast, writers, and producers on the show. It’s NOT an ‘in-the-trenches’ blog post like this was. If anything… who was it that said “there is no such thing as bad publicity, except your own obituary.”?

    A great deal of the post is parody anyways, and it seems the spoiler hounds have come out in outrage mostly because of that. That’s fine. I’ve provided more original on target spoilers this season than LF108 could dream of, and could have done a lot more if I wanted. It’s not my game. But oh… how I would have savored this if it were correct. Too bad I’m PWND!

  77. Yeah… for all the shame on you for doing this. All I can say is I’m sorry you are taking it out of context. I had intel that the coffin reveal was wrong. No need for you to take it personally. If this had been an effort to just deflate lf108 for a day, I’d happily admit it… but it wasn’t.

  78. Thanks for taking the time out and chatting to us Doc and thanks for the explanation on the info you recieved.
    Who do you think Lostfan108 is and how in gods name has he got away with it for a 2nd year. I would have thought after the 3rd seaon finale it wouldn’t have happened again

  79. In NO way am I mad at Doc. I am mad at myself for reading DarkUfo’s spoiler and it being right. If anything Doc gave me hope that I hadn’t ruined the WTF moment for myself. I will keep coming here but I have learned my lesson and I won’t be reading DarkUFO’s spoilers from lostfan108 ever again. I am just glad that I didn’t do it last year!

    I say Thanks Doc for trying to help!!

  80. I still want to know who the intel told you was actually supposed to BE in the coffin, Doc. (Just out of curiousity, and to see if your story actually matches one of the alternates.)

  81. My guess is a relative, rather than an insider. That’s a hunch, but here is my reasoning. I was privy to part one of the finale at the same time he released his first synopsis. The copy I got intel from did not have subtitles during the sun/paik scene. Yet, LF108 knew the dialog of the scene. When I got the first 4 early, way back when… same situation. No subtitles. (Some did have subs, but not all.)

    So that is some flimsy ‘evidence’ to work through, but I suspect he is getting his info from scripts or from conversation from someone very close to the production, NOT from an actual viewing.

    For instance, narrowing the wheel down to just a wheel. It was part of an ancient machine for God’s sake. His minimal description showed a lack of appreciation for the detail of the scene. The hieroglyphics, what was behind that wall… Dharma built that station around an ancient ‘station’ from another civilization.

  82. OH! Kiron: Desmond.

  83. Thanks for explaining a bit Doc. And to Matt4 – I don’t think people are mad that Locke is in the coffin, they’re mad because of Doc’s presumptious post this afternoon 😀 Thanks for sticking around and talking with us, Doc.

    lf108 isn’t an asshat, and he didn’t need to be called an asshat in that video. He is higher up than we all think, I agree.

    Since the ending you heard about didn’t occur, what did that ending entail? You said it was a completely different description – what did you see?

  84. Thanks once again doc.
    It’s nice to see after all this you are taking the time out to respond to our comments. I to after your video thought that it would be Desmond in the coffin.
    I imagine that Damon and Carlton are once again livid that the spoilers have come out. I blame myself for reading them but i’m glad that so much wasn’t ruined such as the Des and Penny scene. And the way that Lostfan put stuff did seem like he was putting a downer on the episode and i was a little dissapointed reading it. But it played out so much better

  85. i agree that lf108 isn’t an asshat. he didn’t release the kind of stuff he did last year; he tempered himself this year. you may not agree with spoilers (though you said you did break a few yourself) but that doesn’t mean everyone has to hate spoilers. plus, nobody has to read them (they’re not that difficult to avoid) plus, i mean, you posted the leaked scenes yesterday. anyways, i say dont just say you’re pwned, say sorry, and then we can all move on. 🙂

  86. Yea Doc the frozen wheel was much cool watching it on the show…but I worry about this: The casual viewers the show still had….may be gone after that scene.

  87. Haha… well… I’m certainly sorry people have taken offense. And I don’t condemn spoilers in general, only ruiners.

  88. matt4: I think without the pre-disappointment it was fine.

  89. Thanks for giving us your info, Doc. For one, I really would have preferred Desmond dying. (And Desmond’s my third favorite character on the show; Locke’s just my first.) And the irony of Desmond getting offed not long after being reunited with Penny would have been great. I just feel that Desmond’s story has been played out and there’s not much more left to him now that he’s reunited with Penny, whereas Locke had so much more potential.

  90. I call for an apology for calling lf108 an asshat based on “foilers” when they weren’t foilers at all 🙂

    Sure, you can call him an asshat for other things, but they weren’t foilers!

  91. Nah. Not going to apologize for that, because he wasn’t being called an asshat because of foilers. He was being called an asshat for his negative assessment of the episode and the twists and the subsequent upset in the fan community over what the plot of the finale was. He caused so much pre-hate of the episode, he doesn’t deserve an apology for any reason. Do any of you who think that lf108 was disrespected in some way even like Lost? He shat all over the episode. Did you miss that? A lot of people went around talking like they’d seen it, doing the same thing. And as a result, most of you miss the point of the frozen donkey wheel being a mere part of an ancient machine, and the entire larger plot picture that goes along with it. No way. LF108 gets no apology. Now, I’d be happy to have a debate with LF108 over the mythic structure of LOST, as well as a history of the story, but he’s not going to get my respect. It takes NO skill, and ZERO restraint to blab secrets. What he has shown is that he is not worthy to be entrusted with the information he gets.

  92. Doc
    Do you think you will ever find out who lostfan108 is, does Dark know
    I know im gonna suffer at work tommorw i’m from Uk and it’s 5.50 and i been up since 3 aw well it was worth it lol

  93. I’ve just been to Darkufo and the alt endings will be shown tomorrow

  94. In your face asshat the spoilers are real locke is fuckin dead and that’s the way it is… asshole.

  95. There goes your spoiler credibility, Doc.

  96. Well, mistakes happen. People overreact, it happens in life. I am sorry I saw the video, but what I’m more sorry about is your attitude.

    I have not read the Lostfan108 spoilers (yet), but will after this post to see the negativity of tone you speak of.

    Even so, Doc, it’s one thing to have no respect for lf108 – it’s another thing to go around name-calling. I’m a substitute teacher, and if I heard a child calling someone else names, esp. ‘asshat,’ I would write them an infraction card.

    Name-calling is childish, esp. to do online. That’s just something I think you should think about.

  97. OWNED.

    Delete your blog

  98. The Professor

    This is why I visit Doc’s blog, read, at most, the slightly-spoilery articles, and go watch the show. This controversy is all absurd. People calling for heads to roll, who’s got the ‘best’ spoilers, school-marming about why calling someone ‘asshat’ is disrespectful…it’s a wonderful circus! The only thing I don’t like is that a guy who runs a great blog might take all this a little too seriously. Doc, be you, let Dark be himself/herself, and Lostfan108 (I can’t stop laughing) can be himself/herself/themselves. No one is being owned here. (And I have to admit, I didn’t watch the vid above until now, and I think it’s funny. People who are so upset should, ahem, just avoid the spoilers. Again: crack given to junkies.) Good night, sane people.

  99. agreed, PWNED in the fullest. Doc, you are an ass-hat. and a whiner too by the looks of things.

  100. I didn’t like the finale’s ending… I think the real question was supposed to be not who is in the coffin, but why did he kill himself. Suppose we’ll get the answer to that the next season. I didn’t read the ‘spoiler’ and up to the last moment, thought that it was Ben in the coffin. About Locke.. He is not in the coffin. He WILL be there. But at the ‘present’ time-line he is alive and well on the island. Last year’s finale was way better. Left me with my jaw open. I also think that, a Jacob or The Others related ending would have been a better one. There were cool scenes though..
    Desmond & Penny.. I am sure we haven’t seen the last of them.
    Loved the whole Keamy-Said fight. Now a long long wait…

    See you next year…

  101. Whoops, maybe you should go and have another telethon.

  102. Fishbiscuit249

    DocArzt. No offence but you started this attack on somebody else and now you are like a frantic fish out of water. All you have tried to do today is defend yourself, but why? You were wrong and you inadvertently -but stupidly- spoiled the ending for a group of people who didn’t wish to know. An apology would be nice, but that isn’t going to happen is it? You seem far too conceited.

  103. I’m not going to apologize to lf108. I do apologize to anyone who was offended, though. As for inadvertently spoiling… the post IS under spoilers.

  104. Just to set the record, I was always in the Locke/coffin camp, but I posted to the contrary because I had the coffin reveal spoiled against my will a few days ago on aicn. Not only did I desperately want Lostfan to be just blowing smoke, I also wanted to help sow the seeds of doubt and regain some suspense for fellow spoilees just in case he was right. The only problem was that, barring some smacktalk in the aicn talkbacks, I was powerless. Imagine my joy when I logged onto Doc’s site yesterday and saw that little video! Thanks Doc, for at least saving one person from that asshole’s reign of spoiling d-baggery and helping to keep the show suspenseful up until the last second.

  105. This should be the final word on the matter:–.php

    Jzer0: Glad to help… again… oh why couldn’t it have been true. I guess this means we have to put up with Mr. Asshat108 (as he will be known on this site from now on) next year too…

  106. well seems most stuff he was right on..
    But…some stuff (Like Locke being resurrected, was not mentioned at all.)

    they said they need to bring the body back.. but nothing about resurrecting him

    i dont mind the spoilers. its to each and every individual to read them or not.. He’s not an asshat… we each choose to read the spoilers… Im an asshat for reading them/not LostFan108 for supplying them… made sure noone inadvertently posted Lostfan108 spoilers untagged this year.. yet one mod was upset to see a mention untagged, in the spoiler section. He only came in to see the ruckus.. and saw untagged info. We were suposed to tag the info, EVEN IN the spoiler section…

    AICN is natorious for spoilings across the board.. and not exactly 100% correct

  107. Really, people are pissed at Doc? He’s the one trying to take the high ground here unlike those assholes LF108 and darkufo.

    As far as I’m concerned, I HOPE all of you supporting scumbags like them go away and never come back. Good riddance, this site is better off without you.

  108. Dr. Asshat,

    Looks like Lostfan108 and Dark UFO kicked your ass again. I know I’m never coming back to this site again. I can’t trust a guy this low on the totem pole.

    As for all of you who think that Lostfan108 is a bad guy for spoiling the finale, why were all of you idiots reading spoilers in the first place? Did he not give you exactly what you wanted on Dark’s spoiler page?

    Lostfan108 rocks. This site is done.

    Dr. Aashat, enjoy this negative publicity while you can. It should last for another day or so.

  109. “Well… whether he is right or wrong, Lf108 IS an asshat for spoiling the episode.” -Docarzt

    You TRIED to spoil the episode, moron!!! You just couldn’t!!!

    If you had heard what DarkUFO did, you obviously would have done the same thing. Quit trying to sound like a martyr.

    Eat shit, Arzt. This site makes you no more than the rest of us, a LOST nerd who wishes they knew the ending.

  110. Milo,

    If you really think that this site is better off without everyone else, then why don’t you and Dr. Asshat both exchange e-mail addresses, so that we don’t have to read your rubbish ideas?

    Dr. Asshat didn’t take a high road. He tried to do the same thing with his shitty info that he probably got from his brother-in-law or something.

    P.S. If you hate spoilers, then why are you commenting here?


    I’m done.

    If any of you have anything to say to me, you can e-mail me here:

    Good luck with ad sales, Dr. Asshat.

  112. “I know I’m never coming back to this site again.”
    Allow me to personally thank you. Don’t let the door kick you in the ass on the way out. I’m sure you’ll be much happier over there with all the other douchebags.
    And douchebag, some of us read spoilers because some asshat posted them all over the net without warning – and yeah, I do blame 108 for that. I had the bad luck of coming across them before they were deleted. Get it, jackass?

  113. Dear ben,
    You said you were done here. Please keep your promise.

  114. Doc Artz said:
    “He was being called an asshat for his negative assessment of the episode and the twists and the subsequent upset in the fan community over what the plot of the finale was. He caused so much pre-hate of the episode, he doesn’t deserve an apology for any reason.”

    Yes, how DARE that asshole not love LOST?!?!?!11!!11! Anybody who doesn’t constantly suck up (and off) the producers or slit their wrists over a bad review is OBVIOUSLY an asshat.

    Further Arzt shenanigans:
    “And as a result, most of you miss the point of the frozen donkey wheel being a mere part of an ancient machine, and the entire larger plot picture that goes along with it.”

    Or, it’s still incredibly stupid either way. But you’re right, I’m probably just missing the big picture… Me and Lostfan108 sure are fucktards.

    “It takes NO skill, and ZERO restraint to blab secrets. What he has shown is that he is not worthy to be entrusted with the information he gets.”

    How much skill does it take to be completely (and hilariously) wrong? Looks like your self-serving ways bit you right in the ass, eh Doc? How much trust do you and your “sources” deserve after all of this?


  115. Rick James, he’s an asshat because he didn’t just spoil it, he did his spoilers in a way that mocked the events. Instead of people watching the episode and judging it, they prejudged it based on a description that editorialized about it. Sure, people can hate lost – but they should do it based on an opinion of the show, not by a description of the show.

  116. Looks like someone owes LostFan108 an apology!

  117. No one, especially Doc, owes an apology to AH108. And those that agree with that position will remain faithful participants of this site. At the very core, those that flame this site are the same low individuals that came here as trolls to vandalize the experience of the lost finale.

    It really wasn’t an issue that there was this forbidden fruit available. There is a very valid argument about the ethics of revealing certain privileged information. But as long as it is over there, few of us have issues with it.

    The problem is that there were individuals that were trying to ruin the experience by posting that forbidden fruit here. And they posted them in articles that had nothing, NOTHING, to do with spoilers. In one instance, it was an interview of one of the cast members. People were commenting about the interview, then BOOM. “Locke is in the Coffin!”

    Great, flamers, have your fun. But what you say doesn’t sway those that are devotees of this site. It will not deter us from making this site our number one source of everything Lost. And, your venom is not convincing anyone to visit somewhere else.

  118. By “apology” I think you mean “swift kick in the ass”? Apology…don’t make me laugh.

  119. Well Doc if the asshat fits wear it. I do not ever recall serious journalists using offensive terminology to describe a rival scoop so publicly. I know for a fact they do it privately quite often, but they uphold their professionalism and restrain themselves. Unfortunately your lust for more publicity and its corresponding monetary benefits have rendered you both unprofessional and untrustworthy.

  120. Shenanigans! Mafafu, you openly whine about this site, not only here but elsewhere. If you truly didn’t care about a site, you would do what most of us would do, move on. What is your real beef? Because it is not about a spoiler or a foiler. Put your cards down.

  121. Yeah, the general trash talk is ridiculous. I’m surprised people are still talking. Obviously I got taken in by ABC’s fake endings, I wasn’t lying, and LF108 is still not deserving of his access. The idea that I’m some sort of figure head of a flock of ditto-heads is annoying. My sites have always been about the conversation. The die hard spoilers are all about cutting to the end of the conversation.

    Regardless, I think the point that this post was some sort of lie or conspiracy or slight to lf108 died the following morning when the fake out endings were revealed. lf108 had a 1 in 3 chance of being right. Although, a lot of his other reveals were still flat out wrong…

    Either way, the procession of ‘competitors’ is amusing. Nobody drinks kool-aid here.

  122. I like this site, but i don’t get the rivalry. Obviously lostfan108 was right, and you where wrong. No offense, but apparently, by comparing history, darkufo’s site seems to be more accurate.

  123. You may not owe LF an apology, but you owe Dark one. I read both your blogs regularly. Dark is always very very careful with how he presents information, and on his page, spoilers are only displayed on the Spoilers page and the Rumours page. In his forums, spoilers are only allowed to be discussed in the spoilers thread. You have been dumping on Dark on this site AND Lostpedia. While he has said NOTHING derogatory about you, you have been slamming him on multiple sites. You have made this entire incident a very childish,petty, personal attack. Dark has been very respectful, because if that had been my site? At 11:01pm EST my homepage would have read “LF was right! Suck it Doc, you broken anal dildo”. Dark has done nothing of the sort. No “I told-you-so’s”. No “I-was-right-you-were-wrongs”. You owe him a more of the mutual courtesy and respect he extends you. You are both pillars of the LOST community. Your personal philosophies may differ in certain areas, but as the sysadmins, you have a higher standard to live up to. When you release false information, no biggie, happens to everyone. When your intel was wrong, and you are slandering everyone around you, AND CONTINUING TO DO SO after you’ve been proven wrong? You look like a jackass. Dark may have had bad intel on other occassions, but on this occasion, he, and LF were right. We aren’t talking about previous times. In this specific episode you conducted yourself in an immature fashion. Ultimately, it was your personal attacks, name-calling and fanatical conviction that you were in the right that have damaged your credibility much more than simply disseminating information that was incorrect. Be a man, suck it up, and get back on your horse. Remember this incident next time a similar situation arises. Learn, AND GROW.

  124. I think the heat generated by this whole ordeal is derived from your methods as opposed to your actions, Doc. I’m sorry you have to deal with the hoards of people hurling insults at you; that can’t feel very good to have to endure. While you have my sympathies in that respect, I disagree with the way you went about claiming Lostfan108 to be a fraud. This is merely my own opinion, but I think you could’ve gone about this in a much more respectable fashion. The fraudulent claims may not have damaged your reputation so much as the public name-calling.

    Again, I support you and only hope you persist and take something positive away from this ordeal. Everybody makes mistakes.

  125. elvisgrace: the problem is, I wasn’t wrong. There was an ending, two of them, that didn’t feature Locke in the coffin. And this is not disrespectful to Dark at all. Heck, Dark uses tons of my content on his site and I rarely say anything. Andy and I are good friends and have IM connection to one another, if he thought I was being crude to him he’d say so directly. the rivalry is between the fans of our sites.

    Ben Cordes: Again, it’s not fraudulent. To say it is fraudulent is to essentially perpetuate a myth. LF108 had a 1 in 3 chance of being right. He was wrong about much of his other details (in parts 2 and 3, his part 1 synopsis was dead on.) But I wasn’t wrong in saying that by my knowledge someone else was in the coffin because the scene was shot, it exists. but I do agree, in part, with some of your principle points. To that, though, I’ll rewind… I’ve never been kind to lf108, so this latest instance of not being kind to lf108 isn’t going to do anymore damage than any of the others. On top of that, I was right. Punk’d by ABC, but right none-the-less. Yes, Locke is in the coffin in the air version, but the alternate endings exist and of the purpose of throwing people off the trail. LF108 is still a jerk for putting a big dose of Novocain in all the twists.

    The bottom line is, hey… I was allowed on the set, I was allowed to see episodes early, and I never blabbed the secrets of what I saw. LF108 did. There is a larger question of integrity beyond me using a colorful metaphor to describe lf108’s lack of honor.

    Final word on whether this was fraud:–.php