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Lost Spoilers – Four More Freighties Revealed

By docarzt,

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Who are the mysterious personages in the trailers and previews from “The Constant”?  We did a little digging and found out a few things about the latest Freighties to hit the small screen.

minkowski.jpgThis is a guy we’ve known about since the season 3 finale “Through the Looking Glass.”  Mr. George Minkowski, played by Fisher Stevens, was thought to be the ring leader of the freighties, but that is obviously not the case.  Is he really experiencing what Desmond is?  Or is this a ‘confidence’ scam to bilk the bleary eyed Scotsman of info?  Fisher Stevens IMDB is here.   Stevens is credit through episode 8.

marc-vann.jpg“The Doctor” mentioned in the clips is played by Marc Vann.  In the brief amount of time that he is on screen, we see that he is inside the room with Desmond while he is making a call on the sat phone.  There is also voice over that says “I can’t hold them off for long,”  does it belong to the Doc?  Since he is credited as “The Doctor” is his name a story bomb being saved for a future episode? Vann is credited through episode 7.

freighties.jpgDesmond’s greeting party consists of a couple of heavies.  Keamy (on the left) is played by Kevin Durand who LOST fan’s might recognize as one of the Neo-Nazi bounty hunters from the Matthew Fox cameo’d Smoking Aces.  Omar (on the right) is played by Anthony Azizi who has played heavies on Threat Matrix and 24.  Both are credited through Episode 8, so we’ll be seeing quite a bit of them.

  • SithLord

    Where the frak is Regina?

  • elcherub

    I have a theory regarding Omar. I guess he is the man on the boat.. why is he? Omar is an arabic name and from islam history, Omar is the successor of Abu Bakir and the 2nd khalif (ruler) of islamic empire after the death of prophet Mohammed (pbuh). My theory is Ben’s man on the boat is Omar… I think the version of Holy Quran and the sufi book on the shelf of Ben’s room are nothing but easter eggs implanted intentionally to point to him as the man on the boat

  • docarzt

    sithlord: she hasn’t been shown on the show/clips yet so she didn’t make the cut

  • Steve

    elcherub: my only problem with your theory is that there are only a handful of times on the show when easter eggs have actually been relevant when pointing to the direction that show will be going in. SO far, it seems that most of the Easter Eggs given in the show have just as much relevence to future stories as they do to the personal tastes and interests of the shows creators.

    I still like Artz’ theory regarding the idea that Charlotte is ‘the man on the boat’. Not only did she know to wear a vest so Ben could shoot her (to disprove her as one of the ‘others’), but going back and watching that scene where she cuts herself out of the parachute….she looked to be extremely happy to be back on the island. Even the music played during that scene was uplifting.

  • Harmon

    Keamy also said that Omar was from Florida. What is the capital of Florida?