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Lost Spoilers – Huge Finale Filming Notes

By docarzt,

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Ryan from “The Transmission” pinged me this morning with the details on an exciting shooting session for the finale.  

The oceanic 6 are returned on a military transport.
There is a press conference, and the reporters are very suspicious of the back story.
Three deceased characters are mentioned by name.
Hurley is asked why he didn’t lose any weight.

Depending on where this scene is in the flash sequence, it could be very telling about what happens during that portion of the finale.  If the majority of the action takes place shortly after that, perhaps we’ll get some intel on who is in the casket, etc.  The scene could be, however, just a vignette with the rest of the sequence taking place on a larger landscape.

More info here.

  • graham

    So, finally the rescue is happening! I just thoght they would prolong it for the rest of the seasons! Everything was happening to slow.

  • graham

    too slow (I mean)

  • chris

    my step dad dont watch the show cus he thinks its stupid, and one of his arguemnts is the hurley losing weight one (i tell him its just a show for god sake) but if theres some reason as to why hes not then i cud shove it in his face!

  • gusteaux

    I’m guessing the three dead characters mentioned by name are Boone, Shannon and Charlie.

  • neoloki55

    graham, you are kidding right?

    I think it has been made very clear by the fast pace of the episode, the flash forwards and also by Darlton saying we will see the Oceanic 6 get off the island at the end of the season. Plus, they always change the game from one season to the next.

    Do you watch the show? How could the flash forward possibly work if they waited ’till season 6 for them to get off the island.

    I am sorry but your comment made absolutely no sense at all. Oh well, you can always watch 24 or Prison Break if you need mindless action.

  • neoloki55

    Chris, tell your step dad that if you re-watch season 1 or 2 episodes that he actually has lost weight. You can see it in his face. Also, some people have slower metabolisms which make near to impossible for them to lose weight quickly.

    I think the most convincing argument for Hurley not losing weight is the fact that so little time has passed on the Island. It took me running 3 miles a day for 6 months to lose 70 pounds. If Hurley lost 70 pounds you would barely notice it because he is a very big guy.

    The whole thing is a asinine question.

  • graham

    neoloki55 said:
    graham, you are kidding right?

    kidding about the rescue, but not about the slow pace.
    I was being sarcastic! (or trying, I’m afraid)
    And the flashforwards are not working, less mystery.

  • Regarding Hurley’s weight: don’t forget that there was a Dharma food drop that he raided. And like Neoloki55 said, not a lot of time has passed. Remember when they caught him with the jug of peanut butter? Peanut butter has an insane amount of calories. Hurley’s not loosing weight because he’s still eating a lot, I think that’s been officially established.

    The reporters asking it might mean they’d have to spill the beans of Dharma’s presence on the island. Which would mean Hurley’s rescue from the island has the potential to blow the lid off Dharma’s secrets (if there are any) just because he’s still fat. Pretty awesome story, if you ask me.

  • brooke

    Hurley hasn’t lost any weight because they found food inside of the hatch left behind by the Dharma. And there was food in the village he was in that the “others” inhabited. How come no one questions Sun showing her pregnancy? They have really only been on the island for about a month or two so we wouldn’t see a change.