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Lost Spoilers – Ian speculates on Desmond’s future

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desmond.jpgI love it when the actors in Lost speculate on their character’s fate. In the following interview from The Washington Post, Henry Ian Cusick reveals where Desmond will spend his time in the upcoming episodes and what may be Desmond’s ultimate fate.  The following is the article written by Jen Chaney.


Here are a few more of the secrets shared during a recent phone interview with Henry Ian Cusick, the man who plays Desmond on TV’s “Lost” and the winner of’s Lost” Madness contest. Note to “Lost” freaks: He drops a couple of hints about the rest of this season, so pay close attention.


When you received the script for the episode “The Constant,” did you fully understand all the time travel stuff, or did you have to read it a few times?

I didn’t find it difficult to comprehend or follow. My initial reaction was, how do I play that? I think anyone being in one time all of a sudden and then in another time, and not knowing who people are, that would put you in a mental ward. It would put me in a mental ward. So it was a fine line [for Desmond] to go bananas and not go bananas That was the challenge: To make it believable and not go over the top.


In the recent episodes of Lost,” Desmond and Michael came into contact with each other. Was this the first time they met?


That’s an interesting question. Have they or haven’t they? In my mind, when Desmond came back to the island and Michael was still on the island, Desmond was pretty drunk and out of it. Whether they met or not is ambiguous but if they had met, Desmond was too out of it [to remember]. Sayid has probably filled him in on what happened.


I know you don’t like spoilers, but can you say anything about what we can expect for Desmond in the upcoming new episodes?


Desmond stays on the freighter. And you’ll see more shenanigans on the freighter.


Will we see Penny again this season?


That I honestly don’t know.


What do you think will ultimately happen to Desmond?


Since he’s not one of the Oceanic Six., my thinking is he’s on the island. I am guessing there are some survivors and if they have the Oceanic Six that wants to go back, I am guessing some people are alive on the island and maybe Desmond is part of it. Or maybe not. Does he find Penny? I don’t know.


Do you think Desmond will die on the show?


I am guessing he does die.


Why do you say that?


I just have a feeling.


    Wow, I hope he doesnt die.. But even though he is not part of the O6.. Finding Penny means that he gets off the island, if daddy allows, but for him to die wow, not even penny can forgive her dad for that.. As off now, she probably knows daddy is the one who owns the freighter and doesnt want them to communicate with her, and if Desmond dies, she would hate him.. Desmond and Mixhael are my fav, so for both to die would be tragic.. I mean can lost afford to lose him, after being voted ” Lost” Madness contest”… He has become too popular in my mind..

  • james

    I don’t like being referred to as a freak. However, I hope Desmond doesn’t die. I think if anyone deserves a happy ending, its Odysseus and Penelope.

  • buffy

    I’m still hoping that Desmond and Penny will end up being the TRUE heroes of Lost. Tragic endings might be fitting for other characters, and might be the only way to truly resolve their stories.

    Des&Penn are the real stars though, and I hope their epic love story eventually ends with them riding off into the proverbial sunset together.

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