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Lost Spoilers – Looking Past Kevin Johnson

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There is plenty of intel on what is to come when LOST returns.  I’ve just posted a summary of some post 4.08 filming reports at, and recently came across this little tidbit in the filming journal of blogger Rachelle Farmer who was recently an extra on 4.09:

“The first scene was in Tikrit. Well, anyway, the taxis said Tikrit Taksi. It was a funeral procession for Sayid’s
wife. That is what I got from an extra that had filmed the day before.
We were never exactly told that on the set. There were many takes of
the scene.”

The rest of her report can be read here.

  • theMachine

    Doc, they definetly will be in Iraq, like she says in an upcoming ep. recently I saw a pic of cars on a site( i think it wa here) it was an old white car, with the orange on front & back. These are cars in Iraq. When I was there 4 years ago fightin the good fight, those cars were all over the place, and i think cars that look like that are actually the cabs.

  • preztige

    I believe the second part of this season will mostly deal with Ben’s adventures while he is off the island.

  • preztige

    the guy layin next to Michael in the hospital looked like Jacob

  • LiLi0623

    Wow. Intense episode. I missed the first half, could anyone tell me when ABC will post this episode to watch online…is it at Midnight? Im on central time.

  • Chris6o7

    Any chance of getting a picture of the map from the episode? I saw a DHARMA logo, but couldn’t tell if it was new or old.

  • mzxvbnc

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