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Lost Spoilers: One of these Characters Will Die

By docarzt,

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It’s that time again.  Time to play the LOST death pool.  As we all know, because ABC has been hammering it into our brains since last week, SOMEONE will die this week.  Who do you think it will be?  

In my article at UGO “One of these people will die“, I lay out the three most likely to die, and why. The details are there, but the list is:


Since Karl is the slightest of the characters, you may leap to thinking it is him.  But be sure to check the facts first.  There are very good reasons it could be any one of the three.  Give it a read and render your opinion below.

  • lmz27

    Ooh! (Picture my face in a grimace) — if Claire dies that way, it will be emotionally gruesome!!!! A shock to the collective Lost viewing system, definitely. Maybe makes sense why Jack won’t see Aaron and Kate cries when she holds him at the end of Eggtown — something horrific HAD to have happened. Also, it makes Des’s flash at least partially true — so Charlie won’t have completely died in vain.
    We still have never “seen”, as an audience, Desmond’s flash of Claire and Aaron’s rescue, so it might not have been truly what Desmond saw. It was the only flash that the audience didn’t have privy to, so I’m wondering if something is fishy there….

  • AlphaSigChainsaw

    Well ever since we found out that Kate has Aaron and that rumors have been abound since before the season started that one of our beloved 815ers is going to die, I’m going to go with Claire.

    Doc, do you know for sure it’s one of these 3?

  • dnomseD

    I was starting to think it would be Daniel. I’m not sure why, but I figured he’d be the first of the freighties to go because he was likable and it would actually resonate some with Lost viewers. I really hope the craft service person is full of crap…

  • Ben

    Yeah, my money is on Claire. I’ve been saying this since the beginning of the season. She used to be such a main character. Now… nothing.

  • roomforhuman

    I agree with you, dnomseD. If it went down the way the craft person says, I would be pissed.

  • MerlboroMan

    Claire is the only woman on the show that I actually like…Sun is a distant second, and the rest don’t even blip on my radar. Her death would be tragic. It would show that the writers never had any intention of giving her depth than she’s Jack sister, Aaron’s mother, and Charlie’s lost interest. It would kill the whole idea set in motion in Season One that Claire had to be THE ONE that raised Aaron.

    Plus, seriously, the killng spree has got to stop. Since TTLG we’re averaging a death every other 1.5 episodes (Charlie, Naomi, Minkowski, Regina, Jin, and now whoever is next). At this rate, we’ll have at least two more deaths after the return. We’ll have 8 next season. Who will that leave for season six?

  • MerlboroMan

    This Claire rumour appears as a HOAX on Dark UFO’s site. It’s exactly as described by Doc on UGO and sounds like the same source, a disgruntled crafts worker. So what gives?

  • gusteaux


  • imfromthepast

    im not buying it. i think its vincent

  • roomforhuman

    If it’s Vincent, I stop watching the show!

  • alexisthesecret

    is it just me, or does karl look like he’s getting hotter and hotter everytime we see him? ala the sneak peek clip with him in the scene at Locke’s camp, he’s a stud!! And alex is so beautiful… i hope Karl doesn’t die!!!

  • AlphaSigChainsaw

    I’m sick of the “The Psychic said Claire must be the one who raises the baby” excuse for her not being able to die. Here’s why:

    1. The main is a self proclaimed fraud. In Eko’s flashback he says that his wife is making up this miracle to spite him because he’s a fraud. Whether it’s actually a miracle or not is irrelevent.

    2. He easily could’ve been bribed to say that. Widmore, Ben, Ms. Hawking, Abaddon, etc. Any of them could’ve paid him to say what he did. Furthermore, someone or something has influenced ALL the survivors of 815 to get on that airplane. The psychic is the final thing that makes sure Claire gets on the flight.

    3. This is my biggest point. Even if he really is a psychic, who’s to say he didn’t lie about it. He lied about the parents in LA to take care of the baby. What if what he said about Claire being the one to raise the baby was a just a way to manipulate her, Benjamin Linus style. What if his whole purpose is to get Aaron to the island. Who said he ever actually cared about Claire. Any way you look at it, the whole “Only you can raise this child” statement is a means to an end. And I’m sure whatever happens is exactly what the psychic(or Widmore/Whoever the heck is running the whole show) wants to happen.

    Maybe Aaron needs to stay on the island, so TPTB/the island kills Claire as she’s trying to leave. I just don’t think, “cus the psychic said so” is a good argument. No offense.

  • sk8rpro

    I think you miss the entire point from MelboroMan – I think he’s fully aware of the psychic being a fraud. The point is, the idea brought in Season 1. That Claire was meant to be on the Island for a reason – to take care of Aaron. Even though the psychic arranged the flight out of greed, it’s unlikely he knew the plane would crash, which would bring the free will/destiny tension into play.

    If an idea that you would interpret as a foreshadowing, and it completely misleads you, what then is the point of what you believed in the first place? It’s one thing to have twists and turns, but when there is a complete misdirection, it is the equivalent of a dropped storyline.

    Personally, I think Claire will die. But I think the writers will tie the crisis into something that was meant to happen. If the Season 1 idea still applies “raised by another” there might be a way to re-interpret what was meant to happen. The re-interpretation would go something like this: Claire was meant to raise Aaron her entire life, not by anyone else while she lives. Should her death die prematurely, it would have meant to happen so she would put Aaron in the care of Kate.

    Why do I think Claire will die? Simply because just like Boone and Shannon died because they were too young to give background stories, Claire’s background story seems pretty much complete – she’s young. Boone and Shannon were a couple, so were Nina and Pablo (whoops, I spelled their names Sawyer style!), why shouldn’t Claire die as well since her sweetheart Charlie died?

  • AlphaSigChainsaw

    I suppose I see what you’re saying. I just don’t feel like it’s a dropped storyline. If Claire dies, maybe we’ll see the repercussions of her not raising the baby. She was supposed to and now something terrible is going to happen because she’s not, that sort of thing.

    Moreover, what I was saying is that I think it’s actually Aaron that’s meant to be there, not so much Claire.

  • Marcel

    I see no sense in killing Claire because her backstory is told. I mean now with the flashforwards they could easily come up with some new stuff for her. Even her relationship with Jack isn’t revealt yet. And why should Daniel push Claire out of the Helicopter? That also would means that Charlie killed himself and Claire because he make all this happen.
    If Claire is really the one who is going to die they have could give her at least a flashback episode before her death. Like all the other Maincharakters who died.

  • MerlboroMan

    One site says this rumour is a hoax, one doesn’t it. I guess tomorrow night we’ll find out who’s source was telling the truth.

    I won’t stop watching the show if it’s Claire, but the writers will drop a notch or two in my eyes. Because up to this point Season Four has been a lot of payoff from Seasons 1-3. If the throw this “sensatinal” curve ball in, no matter how they spin it (Oh, look, see how terrible it is that Claire wasn’t able to raise Aaron) it won’t be worth the set-up. See, anytime you start a story you’re always hoping that the ending is worth the investment. This is why no one cared about Shannon’s death, people we dissatisifed with Eko’s death, and Charlie’s death was truly climactic. While killing Claire would be traumatic and we’d all have to assume that the fall-out would be catastrophic, at this point, it would fall under the “Eko” category.

  • theMachine

    I think it is going to be Claire who dies. I just can’t see her giving up her baby to anyone anymore. Something has to happen to her for her to give Aaron to be with Kate.

  • sprofessor

    I don’t think it’s Miles anyway. The play (“TBA”) that Ken Leung was supposed to be in has already started and I can’t find his name mentioned in any of the reviews. Plus he is no longer listed on the theatre company’s website. Looks like he dropped out to resume filming on Lost.

    Karl gets my vote.

  • AlanAagard

    The psychic doesn’t have to be wrong if Claire dies. Maybe the family in LA that Aaron was supposed to end up with is Jack and Kate. Just because they weren’t in LA before (or a couple before) doesn’t mean the psychic didn’t seem them. And she would have to get on that plane to give the baby to the couple since the couple were on that plane as well. Kate can’t leave California for ten years. She’s there with Aaron to stay.

  • milo

    “Doc, do you know for sure it’s one of these 3?”

    That’s exactly what I’m wondering. Is the spoiler that it’s really one of these three, or the other tidbits mentioned in the details?

    Claire seems TOO obvious since we know Kate is raising Aaron. My guess would be Karl, except that I keep hearing that one of the original 815 will die this season (unless that was referring to Jin?).

    I’m guessing they’re overhyping this death in the promos and it’s a redshirt like Karl. Were these three all shown in the promo when they talked about the death?

  • dano

    anyone else think it could be sawyer? i don’t want it to be but its been awhile since he did anything important…..

  • MerlboroMan

    I can guarantee four characters who will not die until the Season Six, the last few episoded…

    Jack, Kate, Locke, and SAWYER. They’re all at the midpoints of their character archs.

  • gusteaux

    I’ve always believed that Malkin lied to Eko, but was–for the most part–truthful with Claire. He may have lied to Claire about the “family in LA”, but I think the “raised by another” warning was real. I think he lied to Eko to put an end to the Church’s investigation, to spare his daughter the noteriety and to divert attention away from himself. There is much more story ahead for Claire. It has to be Karl who dies.

  • dh

    No offense here, but since when do audience theories count as spoilers?

  • JohnJ


  • milo

    “No offense here, but since when do audience theories count as spoilers?”

    Doc has seen many of the episodes (all?) early, I don’t know if that includes 408. If it does, and he knows for a fact that it will be one of these three, that’s definitely a spoiler.

    I would like to know what part of this is spoiler or if some of it is speculation on his part.

  • milo

    Link to a preview of tomorrow’s episode, I’m pretty sure Doc writes these, so it seems he has seen the episode already and knows who dies.

    SPOILER WARNING on the link, don’t say I didn’t warn you:

    He does describe the death as “shocking (?)”. I’d say the least shocking death at this point would be Claire since we know Aaron is with Kate.

  • CJ

    I’m getting a little tired of this “Claire’s story is finish” crap.
    Who’s to say that there’s not another story there? Who’s to say that Claire didn’t try and run away in her teens and stumbled upon someone from the Dharma Initiative that will later come in to cause chaos on the Losties. Like, anything goes on this show. And also, if Claire doesn’t die, then there’s her FF stories to see.

    Never assume a character’s story is done until their underground.
    And even then, they’re most likely to show up again.

  • MerlboroMan

    I don’t believe that Claire’s story is finished. I’ve yet to see the reason why SHE’S the ONLY ONE who should be raising Aaron.

    Again, Claire’s death, based on the scenario of being shoved out of a helicopter by Daniel, was originally posted as a rumor on another site and it was confirmed as a HOAX.

  • bthorne47

    First of all, with all the hype of “Next week, one of these people WILL DIE!!!” (he says in his best movie trailer voice, why the F would it be Karl? May as well bring back the hypochondriac with the rash to be killed off. Why would it be Karl? No one cares about him, with the exception of the lady (I’m only assuming) that thinks he is growing into a strapping young lad. On that note, I don’t think it will be Miles. The freighter people have a purpose on the island. They have a mission to carry out. A mission that has yet to be accomplished I might add. So that leads me to believe that we have more or Miles to endure.
    That being said, I think it has to be Claire. As for the comment above, we havn’t seen the reason why Claire has to be the one to raise Aaron because she is still alive, and we probably won’t see the consequences until much later in the series. (this assuming that the psychic was correct) We know that Kate ends up with Aaron, and the only way she would end up with him is because…wait for it…Claire is dead! We also know that they get off of the island within the 2 1/2 weeks that would allow Sun to survive the pregnancy, so they leave the island very soon and that means something happens to claire very soon. What better time then tomorrow night? Guess you’ll have to wait unitl the zombie season to get the rest of Claire’s story 😉 And as i read this I realize that i have typed way more than i intended to…sorry about that. but i hope these ideas prove helpful.

  • bthorne47

    Oh, and if she does die, I highly doubt it would be from something as silly as daniel pushing her out of the chopper. if he did, i’m sure he would be right behind her. my money says she dies at the camp, Hurley brings turnip head to the beach to Kate (maybe by Claire’s request), and that is why hurley is at the beach to become one of the oceanic 6. ok, i’m finished rambling now…seriouly

  • if they kill off Claire in this weeks episode i will stop watching this show. Now, this is a big thing for me to say because i love this show but i love emilie de ravin even more. I WILL STOP WATCHING IF SHE DIES.

    nuff said.

  • lmz27

    Maybe Daniel pushes Claire’s dead body out of the helicopter… Maybe Jack wants to take the body because he feels guilty about her dying and having to leave her, but the helicopter is using too much fuel to carry a dead body.

  • rob

    please kill claire.

  • bthorne47

    why would you stop watching the show if she dies? we already know she is dead. why else would kate have aaron? give me one good reason why claire would just give kate the baby and say “here, you want to give being a mother a shot?”? you think kate would steal the baby and everyone else would just be ok with it? she is dead and, as we’ve seen before just because a charater dies on the show, it does no mean that it is the last that you will see of said character…

  • Hanso(lo) Foundation

    I think the person that is going to die is going to be Michael. The previews for tonights episode posted in Doc Jensens column state that tonight we’re going to find out who dies as well as why bearded Jack couldn’t kill himself on the bridge. According to spoilers I’ve read on this site Michael kills himself in a car accident so it stands to reason that he felt compelled to intentionally crash his car into the woman and her son’s car on the bridge (season finale last year) knowing that Jack’s “hero complex” would force him off the edge of the bridge to save them as well as start the process of “course correcting” Jack’s life. Somehow this event is related to saving Walt as Michael has shown many times he will do by any means necessary. That’s my theory anyways

  • milo

    “the only way she would end up with him is because…wait for it…Claire is dead!”

    “we already know she is dead. why else would kate have aaron?”

    We don’t know that Claire is dead. It’s definitely a possibility, and seems likely, but it’s also possible that the baby was just taken away from her by force. The baby was taken away already, they took walt, they took Alex from Rousseau. Would it really be a stretch for someone to take away Aaron and get him off the island while Claire stays there?

  • bigtiny87

    Instead of the psychic explaining Claire’s baby couldn’t be raised “by another”, is it possible to read as “AN OTHER”? That might be why Kate had to take him… away from the Others. Doesn’t confirm or deny Claire’s death, but Jin isn’t really dead either, right?

  • bthorne47

    i could see how the baby could’ve been taken by force, but how would kate end up with him? the only explaination for that would be that the baby was stolen back and taken to the chopper. but why would they just take him and not claire. the only reason that makes sense to me that claire doesn’t end up with aaron is that she is dead. but maybe that what the producers want us to think. i could be way wrong. they are cheeky monkeys after all…we’ll just have to wait and see

  • milo

    My guess is that either someone grabs Aaron and puts him on the helicopter, or someone grabs Claire at the last second and pulls her off the helicopter. I don’t know what the motive would be, but the show has a history of taking babies and kids away from their parents. The Others seemed to want Aaron but didn’t seem to care if Claire died, I don’t see why the same thing couldn’t happen again. They wanted Walt but not Michael, right?
    Once Aaron ends up off the island with the other O6, she probably ends up with Kate because someone has to take him, and she seems like the best fit, maybe because they decide that she can pass off the kid as her biological son.

  • Sawyer

    Sawyer will die, then Miles.

  • MerlboroMan

    Why else would Kate have Aaron? Um, I don’t know, maybe because Charlotte know Aaron was born island. She knows, the freighties know. And maybe, since they don’t give a rats ass about saving the Losties they said, “Here’s the deal. You want us to take you off the island? Bring us the baby.” Sure, the six don’t like it, but they want off that island really bad and they feel pretty guilty about being baby nappers.

    But no. You’re way is clearly the most obvious reason.

  • bthorne47

    wow dude, sorry if i offened you

  • MerlboroMan

    No offense taken. Just thought I needed to get the point across that there was more than one way to handle that storyline. Either way, looks like Karl is the only one from that list that fits.

  • milo

    So now this question has been answered. I guess this also means that Danielle will be fine?

  • milo

    Also, assuming Karl is the death, what about the rumors that a character from season one would die this season? Is another (bigger) death coming later? Looks like Jin will be fine, no sign of a Claire death yet, and Rousseau will probably heal up just fine.

  • bthorne47

    ok, just making sure. and in response to Milo…i think rousseau was the death from the first season. wasn’t she in the first season? but maybe there will be another big death this season. but who is to say that she is dead. looked like a pretty serious shot though.

  • milo

    If Rousseau is dead, that would be one from the first season. But it would also mean that this particular spoiler is wrong. I just don’t think the show is ready to kill Rousseau, not to mention I don’t think they’d do a double death at this point, especially with the promos making it sound like one person would die. If they were going to kill two, I don’t think the promo monkeys would be able to resist saying two in the promo.
    I wonder if there will be a big death this season (Jin or Claire?) or that’s it.