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LOST Spoilers – Preview Clips from LOST 5.06 – 316

By docarzt,

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Hey folks!  Sorry for being so behind the pack on these – had a nice fall in my sheet-of-ice drive way and tore my knee all to heck.  Need a trip to the island to rejuvinate.  Here are two preview clips from this weeks episode of LOST.

[media id=48 width=640 height=426]

[media id=49 width=640 height=426]

  • Wintermute

    I hope you feel better soon Doc!

  • imfromthepast

    Where’s Aaron? Did I miss something? Oh, yeah, the rest of the episode!

  • take care of you doc and don’t worry for your website we’re here *hug*

    • Mirko

      Hey, get well soon Doc!

      Don’t impersonate Locke too often. We don’t know yet if the island really is a reliable health insurance. 🙂

  • clueless1der

    Ouchie! No worries…. the clips are awesome! Ms. Hawking is really kind of creepy. Like… been-down-in-the-basement-too-long sort of creepy. The second clip was disturbing, and kind of sad. If those two ever hook up when one of them isn’t going through some sort of emotional breakdown I think the world would explode.

    • rick

      dude she hangs out with ben .. of course she’s a lil creepy

  • Maryann

    Jeez Doc you need to be careful!! Hope you get better soon

  • blowupchurch

    Get well soon – dangerous weather affecting us in the UK too. Thanks for the posts.

  • annoyed

    I hate you doc. Why do you have to post a spoiler pic with this post on the main page? There is no way for us to avoid it. Completely inconsiderate and this is not the first time this has happened either.

    • Mirko

      Calm down, dude! Hate doesn’t belong to a tv-show fanboard/fanblog…

      Why do you even visit doc’s site if you’re so scared of pics showing characters laying in beds? I mean, seriously, where’s the spoiling information in that picture?

    • docarzt

      Spoiler pic? Kate laying down on a bed is a spoiler? You have some imagination…

      • maybe he thought she was dead doc lol

      • annoyed

        I thought she was dead

        • imfromthepast

          You should change your name. It has too much influence on your attitude. Maybe something like ‘happy-go-lucky’ would be better.

    • docarzt

      Besides… and to set anybody else straight… promotional materials from the show are not spoilers. Spoilers are information released outside of the context of the episode. These are pieces of the episode, hence… not spoilers.

      • Hi doc,

        while I agree with your point of view of what a spoiler is, there are other more or less “official” definitons of that term regarding LOST.

        For instance on Lostpedia “any and all information about a future episode is considered a spoiler”.

        Whoever does not want to know any bite of the promo material before a current episode has aired is completely free to stay clean of such knowledge. Taking this intent as given, it doesn’t seem likely to me that a visit of a site like this would make a lot sense. How could one come here if he does not want to know any further than what he actually sees on tv?

        • “spoil?er? ?[spoi-ler] Show IPA Pronunciation
          1. a person or thing that spoils.”

          You’re both. All these clips are spoilers. I realized when watching 5.01 that all the clips I’d seen (felt like the whole episode) really took a lot of enjoyment out of watching.

          Hence, spoiled to the d.

          Should Doc tempt is, that’s the question.

          The answer – guy’s trying to make a buck, drive traffic his site, support his ads, which delivers a check…a really nice one, two, every month.

          Fans talk about the philosophy or “spirituality” of the show, yet don’t want to embrace any part of it by declining to peek.

          Do or don’t, it’s your choice.

          And since Liberty is dead, you better use what little choice’s you make without a Big O commission to inform you what choice to make.

  • Cody

    Seriously, all you spoilerphobes need to relax. I notice you people come here crying that Docs putting up spoilers and you always say “and this isn’t the first time either”. Then stop coming here. Not to mention there’s no conclusion that you could come to from that picture that would spoil anything, unless you thought that Kate always stood or sat. In which case that is a huge spoiler. Actually, I guess we don’t know what some people consider a spoiler. I’ve never seen Sawyer standing on one leg, therefore if you post a picture of him standing on one leg it would spoil it for me. I guess just to be safe Doc, you better only post pictures or videos of things we’ve previously seen. And don’t post any theories either, because if it turns out that your idea was dead on then I was spoiled and I didn’t even know it. And that’s the worst kind of spoiler.

  • rick

    just a thought .. dont want spoilers .. dont visit a fan site .. really .. its that simply .. especially with such a show that has so many theories floating around .. someone is bound to be right on one of those theories and when they are the effect of the show have been lost .. and if anyone here is anything like me when it comes to “LOST” nothing “spoils” this show .. they could reveal richard simmons is jacob and i’d still tune in every week .. come to think of it thats my new theory and i’m sticking to it! =] HAHAHAH

    • RandomZombie

      I’m not buying it. If Richard Simmons was Jacob then Hurley would have had no problem slimming down.

      • rick

        dude .. dharma brands typically have a lot of calories in them

        • RandomZombie

          Have you seen the man in action? Richard Simmons plus “Sweatin’ to Geronimo Jackson” and Sawer will put his shirt back on just to keep from looking bad next to Hurley.

          • rick

            alright .. new theory .. jacob is vin diesel .. that would explain the sudden dissapearance of his career about the same time lost started =]

  • lockeheart

    Does anyone know if they are taking a week break in between the episdoes “the life and death of Jeremy Bentham? and “LeFleur” and if so why?!?!

    • no 😀 no break, lafleur will be on 4th march 😀 and locke’s episode next week i’m so happy 😀

  • horselover

    I like the lamppost name. Reminds me of the “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.” I think the lamppost was the marker of in entrance/exit to Narnia from the normal world.

    • RandomZombie

      Yes. It was one of the first things formed in the creation of Narnia, and sat very near the entrance. I loved the reference – an appropriate name for a station that was looking for someplace special.

  • VeryInformedAboutLost

    personally, i like the site as it is. It’s a fan site…and all that don’t want spoilers or to hear others theories like mine can bug off….if you don’t want any future knowledge of future episodes or that people are entitled to speak their mind on ANYTHING they think about (freedom of speech) then as previously stated by fellow bloggers, STAY OFF THE SITE! Misery loves company…so all you haters need to stop trying to come on this site and change things. You knew what this site was all about a LONG time if your disappointed in Doc for giving most of us what we want, which are previews, theories, etc…which personally excite me and make me anxious for the next episode and don’t ruin a thing for me..then just leave and don’t come back…we’re all grown here…so there’s no sense in whining like a baby about “oh i’m so upset because i saw spoilers.. i blame doc”…no blame ya d*mn self…he didn’t make you come to this site…you put your hands on the mouse or the keyboard, and typed in this sites name and clicked on the video to see it…so its you’re own fault…take responsibility for your own actions…stop blaming others for your mistake…you ruined it for once again…BUG OFF and leave this wonderful site alone! (ok… i feel better since i’ve vented)

  • davet

    In the context that we use the term spoiler, I don’t consider these clips to be spoilers as they are official releases by the producers/broadcasters which not only appear on the site but they appear on british t.v straight after the current episode, ‘Like a next time on lost’ feature. They are teasers not spoilers as these clips are made to entice you to tune in next week. They don’t give away any answers or plot twists. They are edited very carefully by the producers to make sure as many people watch as possible!
    I could post a video clip of the Lost sign on the black background when it rotates around with the creepy music in the background that you see at the start of every episode, and it would be just as much of a ‘spoiler’ because you’ll see it on every future episode and is just as informative!!!

  • imfromthepast

    The DHARMA Initiative built the Lamppost to find the Island. Seems to indicate that they knew to look for it. Implies that someone high in the DHARMA hierarchy knew about the Island and knew how to look for it. Maybe Widmore.
    Further, the Longitude/Latitude readouts had 6 numbers. I wonder if the Numbers were being broadcast because they marked the Island’s location and the broadcast was to help DHARMA find it. Not a new idea but it finds new evidence in this sneek peek.

    • JD

      Oh, dude thanks. F*#king spoiler…